What is Windows? Features and Categories of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows is the most-used operating system of computers in the world. We can define an operating system as the software used to enable the computer work and to manage programs and functions on the computer. An operating system is a software of the system to control the software and hardware resources of a computer. Here, […]

How to update Windows 10 with WSUS Offline Update tool (Offline)?

WSUS Offline Update is free software (GNU GPL), which allows updating the XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 operating systems and Office suite without an internet connection. WSUS Offline Update you can download all the updates and burn them to CD, mount the iso generated by the program or save them on a […]

AMIDuoS: How to run Android in Windows 10?

If you changed to the new Microsoft operating system, but do not completely fill, you can also take on the same computer the other big-time operating system, Android. From a very simple way, you can have Android and Windows 10 on the same PC with AMIDuOS. Just download and install, nothing more. Now it’s easy […]

How to backup Windows 10 OS into PC Securely

Backups are important. We know everyone but not always put into practice. Maybe simple laziness for another day rather than just takes to operate. To demonstrate we are going to show how to backup Windows 10, the new operating system Microsoft is performed. Probably many of us we used to make backups, although we know they are important. If […]

Windows 10 Features : Basic Special features for every Windows User

This article providing the basic idea on windows 10 features. Windows 10 is the latest version of the operating system Microsoft. The windows 10 Platform, it can be installed on PCs and mobile devices like Smartphone and tablets. The version released for computers unites the classic interface of Windows 7 with the new design of Windows 8, creating […]

How to Download Windows 10 preview ISO file

Microsoft has a new operating system and is allowing anyone interested to try it through Windows Technical Preview program, anyone can help improve the functions of the final version of this operating system. The development version of Windows 10 can be downloaded from today, all you have to do is register a Microsoft account on this […]