4 Effective Ways To Spread Your Message On Twitter

As any serious social media marketer will tell you, Twitter can be a significant source of high quality traffic and leads for your online business. Sadly, though, while many bloggers and business owners see excellent results Twitter has a number of weaknesses as a traffic generation strategy.

Firstly it can take time to build up a significant Twitter following that you can leverage. While there are a number of effective ways to get more Twitter followers they still take some time before your audience can lead to traffic worth showing off about.

Secondly tweets have an incredibly short lifespan with most clicks happening in the first hour or so after they’re published. This means that promoting your business on Twitter needs to be a constant, continuous process of sharing not just your own content but also adding value by responding to comments, asking questions and curating other great pieces of content that your followers will be interested in.

4 Effective Ways To Spread Your Message On TwitterThat said, there are a few “short cuts” that will help you get the kind of results that you’re after sooner rather than later. And it’s these highly effective techniques that we’re going to discuss here. In short, the following tips will help you quickly get your message in front of far more people than you might expect.

Twitter Retweet Networks:

There are a number of websites that allow members to submit their tweets. You can then share their tweets with your followers and in exchange earn credits. Once you’ve started to build up your credits, it’s possible to submit your own tweets here for other members to share with their audience.

In this way your single tweet can be republished dozens of times to thousands of people, all of whom may end up visiting your website and/or following you on Twitter.

The networks are constantly evolving and changing but one of my favorite networks at present is Social Buzz Club though there are others that are well worth a try.

Social “Bribing”:

There is a very popular type of WordPress plugin known as a “social content locker” which aims to “bribe” your visitors into sharing your website with their friends. When they decide to do so, they receive some kind of reward such as a free ebook, piece of software or access to premium content not otherwise available.

While there is much debate about whether this serves to annoy your regular visitors, there is more than enough evidence to suggest that it does significantly increase your traffic from the big social networking sites.

Seeing as these plugins cost very little and make moments to set up you’d be well advised to consider at least testing out the concept on a few of the more popular pages on your website to see what sort of results you can generate.

Advertising on Twitter is big business. And while Twitter themselves offer paid advertising solutions there are also a range of other third-party providers that can sometimes work out far cheaper.

They key is to consider the two main types of paid Twitter ads. The first is the “promoted account” – in essence a place to advertise your Twitter account to people who may be interested in becoming a follower of yours.

The second form is sometimes known as a “paid tweet” or “promoted tweet” where you may other people to share your message with their audience.

Clearly the first method can be a good long-term strategy to build an ever-growing number of followers that you can market to time and again while the second method may be better for a big one-off message such as a new product release or major blog post that you want to drive as much traffic to as possible.

Figuring out all the options available to you can be tough though there are some handy resources on where and how to buy sponsored tweets.

Respond To Hot Prospects:

Twitter isn’t just a network for sharing links to your content of course. It is also a place for chat and discussion and thanks to Twitter’s open architecture it can be surprisingly easy to find people who are looking for businesses like yours.

Using a simple keyword-focused search or one of the many social listening tools available (I’m a big fan of Need Tagger) you’ll uncover a constant stream of prospects looking for exactly the kind of products or information that your website offers. So keep your ears open and when an opportunity arises be ready to jump into the conversation, offering advice and, when appropriate, a link to relevant content on your site.

Mike Endsleigh writes for a number of online marketing publications. He lives in London, UK and says he “lives and breathes” social media.

About the Author: Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

Satish Kumar Ithamsetty is a full-time blogger from India who is managing this technology blog. Apart from running this technology blog, he is managing a blog on BloggingDen.com

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