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How to Create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos? (Quick Guide)

This tutorial explains how to create animated GIFs by using YourTube video. Animated GIFs have become necessary for web developers. Most of the websites are using this. But how to create an animated GIF from youtube videos? there are so many sites are providing these conversion process. Here I tested a few services for this purpose. finally, I […]

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How to Make Money Online for Free on YouTube

Through their videos on YouTube can earn some money (any money means that if you succeed you can live it). You can make money through the YouTube Partner Program,which is already available in India also since 2011. There are already a lot of bloggers earning a significant amount of money just posting your videos on […]


Protect Facebook Online Privacy with Facebook Settings

Identity thieves mainly target Facebook and other social networking sites to gather information about you. They misuse your information. For example If the person is doing email marketing, who collect emails from your account, your inbox will fill with spam mails. So Here are tips on how to set your privacy settings on Facebook to protect you […]