Why the Skype 7 is a User Friendly ?

Skype is the most popular VoIP service instant messaging service globally. The skype allows all users to text, video and voice calls on the web. Skype first release public version on 2003 with international calling limits. This uses P2P technology to connect users. It is providing Desktop, mobile and tablet supported versions.

Skype development team rolled out a new version of the product, The new release version is Skype 7. Now you can Download Skype 7 Installer. Skype is a popular VOIP software which was recently acquired by Microsoft. Skype is one of the IM client based on peer-to-peer (P2P). Skype 7  is one means other than voice communication (voice) of high-quality internet-based and can be used by everyone in the world, Call quality is very good. The communication program is also a free program can be downloaded for free. Skype 7 also lets you video chat and text chat as well, and send SMS.

Why the Skype 7 is a User Friendly ?

Some new functionality has been added to Skype 7 which will help people use the Skype with more ease.  In Skype6.20, a confirmation message will appear if anyone drags a new contact in the group conversation. This feature is very useful for the incorrect contacts are added to the group conversation. With Skype 7 you can now use a hot key to take a snapshot during video calls (Tools>Options>Advanced>Hotkeys). For skype user from all countries there is good news for all skype users, here you can make international calls by using 011. Including improvements to the Skype 7 on the touch screen, share your profile (you can now change the phone number country code), video and group conversations (full name is now displaying).

  • confirmation message for every call when sending a contact to a group conversation
  • A new Hotkey was introduced for taking snapshots while you are in video calls
  • Implemented non-standard international phone number recognition for all country users
  • Version is Smart  from silent updates

Features in Skype 7:


  • Skype to Skype calls: Call anyone else on Skype for free, anywhere in the world.
  • Calls to mobiles and landlines: Call mobiles and landlines worldwide at low rates.
  • Group calls: Get a group of people together on one call – you can add up to 25 people.
  • Skype Number: Your friends call a number and you pick up on Skype wherever you are in the world.
  • Forward calls: Not on Skype or can’t pick up? Simply get your Skype calls forwarded to any phone.
  • Caller ID: Don’t be an unknown number… Let people know it’s you calling them.
  • Skype To Go: Call international numbers from any phone at low calling rates.
  • Skype Click to Call: Switch between browsing the internet and making calls with just one click.


  • One to one video calls: Get closer with a face to face catch up.
  • Group video calls: Get a group of friends together at the same time on a video call.


  • Video messaging: Send a message you can see, hear and feel.
  • Instant messaging: Talk with your fingers – gossip away, plan a trip, work on a project – all in an instant.
  • Send texts (SMS): Text message friends from the comfort of your keyboard.
  • Voice messages: Too busy to talk? Allow Skype to take a message for you.
  • GroupMe: Share messages, photos and your location on your mobile.


  • Send files: Send files, photos and videos of any size over Skype. Simply drop or add the file into your Skype chat.
  • Screen sharing: Share your computer screen with the person you’re talking to.
  • Group screen sharing: Get everyone on the same page on a group video call.
  • Send contacts: Share a contact, number and Skype Name easily.

Other features:

  • Skype to Facebook: Instant message, video call your Facebook friends and check out your news feed directly from Skype.
  • Skype WiFi: Get online at over two million public hotspots worldwide.
  • Skype Manager: One tool to create accounts, allocate credit and assign features.
  • Skype Connect: Make Skype calls through your existing SIP-enabled PBX.
  • Skype for Outlook.com: Go from chat to video in just one click, right from your inbox.
  • Skype buttons: Add them to your website or blog and with one click anyone can call or IM you.

Resolved issues in Skype 7:

  • Screen sharing: Red line spatial attribute shared window had defects when moving the window around
  • Screen sharing: The screen sharing feature is not possible to initiate screen sharing session when user was in invisible state
  • Video: Message display corrected when webcam is in use
  • Profile: Possibility to change on your own profile your phone numbers country code
  • Generic: Skype crashed when pressing “ESC” while editing contacts phone number
  • Video: Video preview did not close after switching the video off
  • Calling: Specially Add people to make call did not list contacts from other contact list than currently active
  • Accessibility: Multiple receiving possibility at once
  • Options: Not often expanding options sub menus did not work
  • Group conversations: Sometimes instead of contacts full name a Skype name was shown instead on group calls
  • Generic: On two monitor setup when switching from default mode to compact mode Skype was put to secondary monitor
  • Localization: Localization to all languages updated
  • Integrated with Microsoft and Facebook accounts: Facebook instant messaging and Outlook Skype video call is integrated.


If you’re looking for a reliable and easy to use VoIP client, you’ll find it hard to beat Skype. Microsoft’s purchase of Skype in 2014  has further stabilized the platform and accelerated development as Microsoft used Skype to replace its aging messaging service Windows Live Messenger. Click on the green download button to give it a try.

Microsoft no longer allows hosting of their installers. So we are redirecting to their download page.

Visit SKYPE home page for Download Updates

Download Skype 7 latest version [Windows]

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