5 Tips For Sharing Your Blog Posts

If you want your blogs to reach out to the maximum number of people then it is very necessary that you share your posts. When you are sharing your blog posts with the others then that automatically means that even they will be sharing their blogs too. In this way you can form a community of your own where all of you are on the same page regarding the quality of the blog posts. Your followers will know about the other writers and the other writer’s followers will get to know you and your style of writing. Your blog posts will open up to the maximum number of people and will be drawing more traffic to your website.

5 tips for sharing your blog posts

Content has always been and will continue to be the ruler of blogging but if you do not promote your blogs then how will the viewers know that you exist online and they will be benefited by your articles! They need to know that you are writing blogs with rich content so that you can bring the traffic to your blogs. Therefore, you need to follow some tips which you can use to share your blog posts. Here they are –

Sharing through blog posts:

Sharing your rich contents through blogs is one of the easiest ways of getting yourself noticed in the blogging arena. If you have been a Google Reader’s user then you have to just click on the Share button at the bottom of the page and all your articles will be shared with your friends whose contacts are there in Google. While sharing you can add your own comments or notes about what you feel about the blog. Even Tumblr is a great sharing option mainly for the pictures and a quick review on the blog that you read. In the same way if you loved a blog then you can share it with your readers so that they can also enjoy and have fun as much you did read it.

Using tools to make your mark:

You can announce on Twitter or on your Facebook account that you have come up with this new blog but this method is the tried and tested one an everyone does that. If you want to do it in a different way then take the help of Buffer or you can seek help of HootSuite which will spell out manifold announcements on your behalf about your post.

Texting and sharing:

There are blogs which allow sharing through texting. All you have to do is find a button saying ‘Share This’ and click on text option and you are done. The iOS and Android users will be able to read it by clicking on that link.

Good old e-mailing:

Start sharing your content with your family and friends through email and ask them to forward it to their respective friends and it will keep on multiplying.

Ask your readers to share:

When someone likes your blog you can ask them to share with others. You can help the readers share it through social media by including various social media sites’ button on your page.

If you make the process of sharing easy for your readers then your post will get shared and it will help you gain a lot of traffic. But remember, your share button must be visible to everybody very easily.

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