Samsung galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9: Best and Slew of Important Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the latest trending series models from Samsung developers. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is already a successful product. There is already an abundance of news which have stated that the new Galaxy S8 is already a very successful product and it is already selling record numbers of units as well. While we do admit that a lot of value is placed on the number of units sold, it is also very important to realize the fact the new device is a measure to raise the bar by is, indeed, the number of units sold. In this context, it is important to realize that the new device will be one of the essential ones in recent memory.

Samsung galaxy S9

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind is the fact that Samsung was already experiencing a slight downturn thanks in major part to the consistent bad news which accompanied the launch of the Galaxy S7. The S7 device and the accompanying S7 Note was the fact that the devices were prone to fire and explosions. However, it is also advised that the device and its accompanying fires and stuff like that is the fact that the batteries were deemed to be at fault as the devices itself were absolved from all manners of poor performance. Samsung Galaxy S6 is also one of the good and successful model in these series.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 fiasco is one of the worst device malfunctions to have occurred in recent times. Several times, it has been observed that one spoilt egg destroy an entire batch. This is true in the case of the Samsung devices two generations ago as well.The entire shameful incident led to billions of dollars worth of damages, damages wich are still being paid off by the South Korean giant.

Samsung Galaxy S9 features:

  • It is essential to remember that the new Samsung GalaxyS9 will have a lot of extra features which will lend itself merit to steal the thunder from the other competitors as well.
  • There has been a spike in recent days of cyber attacks and lax cyber security incidents as well, as the ransomware attack is yet to leave us permanently.
  • The new Samsung Galaxy S9 has a lot of extra features, one of which is the revolutionary Samsung Pay.
  • Imagine a situation where the hackers steal your data and then demand a ransom which must be paid off in cryptocurrency.
  • Will the incident be in good taste, both ethically and in terms of business? The short answer is no, and it is very important to remember that the new Samsung Galaxy S9 device will have to be the safest and the most secure device Samsung has ever devised.
  • The official release date of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is 19th March, 2018 (Tentative).

Final Words:

Lastly, we must mention that the price factor of the new Galaxy S9 has to be just about right. If the price is too high and the average your cannot reach the hands of many average users, the results will be extremely disappointing. However, if the price punt is a tad too low, many users will also feel that the product has been hurried and is not worth the money. It is a delicate balancing act.

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