Mobile Apps to Get Your Restaurant Back on Track

Increasing customers and making better profits needs a bit more work than your regular marketing campaigns. Building loyalty among customers, encouraging repeat customers can be done in an efficient manner, when you use the right techniques or tools. The advanced present day Mobile apps for use in restaurants are of immense help in this aspect.

Mobile Apps to Get Your Restaurant Back on Track

Exploiting Smartphone Technology (& Mobile apps technology):

With the number of mobile phone users increasing exponentially, using smartphones as a business marketing tool has become the norm now.  The use of mobile apps for payment and ordering has taken the hospitality industry by storm. From being just a cost saving method, these apps have evolved into a key component in the revenue earning system used by restaurants. Stepping up the profits and driving sales is easier now with mobile apps like aptito.

Building Customer Relationship:

Restaurant brands have started using the mobile apps for digital menus, menu boards, POS system etc., to help retrieve information on customer behavior and utilize the data to influence it. Online ordering, ordering from mobiles and mobile kiosks are some of the ways used by restaurants to increase their sales. Kiosks for instance give restaurants better service than their servers as customers feel more convenient using them. Since loyal customers need to be nurtured and encouraged, having information on them will help restaurants increase their sales when compared to an average customer. Using the analytics in a better way and helping customers communicate proficiently is what makes these apps best tools for restaurants.

Innovative Apps :

There are several mobile apps being introduced in the hospitality industry that restaurants can make use of to maximize their profits and give their customers an exemplary service, making them want to repeat the excellent dining experience. Here are some of them that are in use now.

  • iPad kiosks – This method eliminates the long wait for taking the order. Customers get their orders placed quickly and hence, restaurants have fewer numbers of customers who walk out dissatisfied.
  • Ordering via Facebook – Since social media platforms are where most of the businesses do their marketing, brand awareness and other business improvement tactics successfully, using these for ordering is picking up pace quickly.
  • E-waiter checkout app – Restaurant iPads help diners to self-checkout without having to give their credit cards to the waiter and worry about any fraud. The time taken for the check-out is another aspect that diners are not happy about. With the new apps, it is possible to place orders quickly and get a faster service. As a result, customers are happy about the service and the restaurant also gets to serve more customers in a night.
  • Digital menu boards – Changing menus, price lists, and providing entertainment and better interaction while waiting for the order is made possible with the digital setup.
  • iPad POS system – Processing payments and getting lead generation information is easier with the POS system. The email addresses and contact information stored while making a sale helps to track a customer’s buying preference. Emailing about special sales or sending wishes for anniversaries and special occasions helps build customer relationship and increases repeat customers too.

By using the mobile apps smartly, you can boost your marketing campaign, gain information on your customer, build better relationships, and increase your revenue. With the right system in place, your restaurant will positively start seeing enormous profits.

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