Mobikwik: An Easy To Use App For Different Platforms

Mobikwik: An Easy To Use App For Different Platforms

The Mobikwik is a web based platform to do recharge for different service providers. Almost all the people have been using the mobile devices for many years. Mobile communication plays an important role in the life of a person. There are situations, when you are in a need of recharging your mobile in emergency time period. In these situations, when there is a lack of recharge stores around you, then the mobile apps come with a handy option. Among others, Mobikwik is a perfect option that is designed for users, who prefer to do online recharge the most in India.

Mobikwik: An Easy To Use App For Different Platforms

MobikwikiSimple software to use:

It is a very simple and easy to use software application. Firstly, you need to add a balance of any amount in the wallet. Users can determine how much money they need to be spent on their monthly bills and recharges. Once they are done with this, they can add that particular amount of money to the wallet. You can add an amount to it at any time. You can make payments for the additions to your wallet via debit or credit card or also via internet banking.

With the specified amount of balance in your wallet, you will be able to use recharge services easily and effectively. All you need to do is to enter the user ID and the kind of service you require and the amount of money you need to recharge on your mobile. Once you have entered all the details, you will be provided with a transaction ID. You can handle different kinds of bills with recharges and afterwards, begin to pay. This app provides you with an option to recharge with any kind of mobile operator. For glance, if you are using Airtel as a mobile operator, you can do Airtel online recharge with this app. The app is compatible with the iOS, Android and windows OS. You do not need to worry about the security of your money as all the transactions made through this app are safe and reliable.

Different services:

The app offers you a huge variety of services. You can recharge prepaid numbers of your mobile. If you have a postpaid number of any operators, you can also pay the postpaid bill with this app. You can also make payments for data card recharge and DTH recharge services in an easy and quick manner. With this app, you will also be able to pay the landline and electricity bills on the web. This app also provides you an option to pay your insurance and gas bills easily.

Install the app:

In order to use the features and take the advantages of this app, you need to install it on your mobile devices. If you have an Android based mobile device, you can install the Android app to do recharges for different services on the web. While installing it, you must acquire permissions online and contact list. Upon adding the complete contact list, you can recharge those phone numbers without entering the complete number. You can also use the SMS feature to pay and can be updated in your wallet.

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