How to Print Messages, Contacts from Android Phone

Have you got an Android phone? You know that android phones become hotter and hotter all over the world, various notices as weather, homework or business information as discount, credit card bill and so on may be received by text messages. Honestly speaking, text messages service helps you to keep in contact with your family, friends and colleagues, even the world, by sending text messages commonly 160 characters or less from your Android phone. MobiKin Assistant for Android app helps to print messages, contacts from android phone.

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When time goes by, you found that you have accumulated hundreds of messages or more! Some of these text messages are so precious that you try to manage your messages and consider printing them out or another reason that you will never use your old android phone because you buy a new one. As to these aspects, you should print these text messages. But do you know how to print messages from Android phone.

MobiKin Assistant for Android: Print messages and Contacts

In order to solve the problem, you must select a suitable app to realize it. Here MobiKin Assistant for Android, which is specially designed for Android phone users, is the simplest way to export text messages from your mobile phone to computer for printing or recover your deleted messages. What’s more, it is useful if you need to print text messages for business or show evidence of a message which threaten you or abuse you. Android Manager is an indispensible mobile housekeeper to Android users who love music & videos, always send messages and juggle apps for their Android device.

MobiKin Assistant for Android: Print messages and Contacts

Key Features of Mobikin Assistant for Android:

  1. Backup Android data to PC completely with one click.
  2. Add fun stuff anytime; enjoy beautiful music, vivid audio anywhere.
  3. Download, install, uninstall and look through apps convenient.
  4. Transfer contacts from/to Outlook and send/reply SMS indistinguishably from your PC. Transfer contacts between Outlook and your Android, send and reply SMS directly from your PC.

How to use this software? After you install the software, you can turn your Android phone into a remote control which means that you are allowed to export, edit, modify or add your messages directly on your computer powerfully. And MobiKin Assistant for Android will automatically sync to your mobile phone which must be an easy and fast solution. Two steps, export first, then go print. All you text messages can be backed up as .xlm or .txt file to PC and export to Android as well. For contacts, you’re allowed to transfer contacts from Android to pc

Not only backup and print your text messages are important, but also print your contacts. As you know that losing contacts from your Android phone could be a big trouble for yourself. Fortunately, MobiKin Assistant for Android is a kind of powerful software which can also backup, print or recover contacts, videos, pictures or other data from your Android phone such as Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericson, Huawei etc. Contacts will be printed from Android phone to computer if you have exported from your mobile phone easily too.

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