Matt Cutts: Top 10 Upcoming Changes For SEO on Google

SEO interest and in particular the ranking on Google? So do not miss the summary of this video Matt Cutts: there announces changes for the next 10 ranking on Google. This is also an opportunity for Matt Cutts prevent people doing Black Hat SEO.  According to him, they may spend a summer rather busy.

Matt Cutts: Top 10 Upcoming Changes For SEO on Google

Matt Cutts Top 10 Discussed points:

1. Exit Penguin 2.0:

Google prepares the next imminent release of Penguin 4 (internally called Penguin 2.0). This is a major update, the impact will be greater than Penguin 1.0. As a reminder, Penguin is designed to fight against the unsavory SEO practices such as Black Hat web spam. Launched in April 2012, SEO filter known for 2 other updates: May 2012 (Penguin 2) and October 2012 (Penguin 3).

Update: Penguin 2.0 has been deployed and is expected to reach 2.3% of queries in English, according to Matt Cutts.

2. Hunting dofollow links pay:

Google will intensify its efforts to fight against sites that sell links dofollow in their content and thereby pass PageRank to the websites of contractors. In addition, the most important are penalties for sites that do not meet the  Guidelines for quality .

3. Requests subject to spam:

This is the case of certain requests for sectors porn or credits, for example. Coming soon: two modifications to target these expressions in two different ways. It should be noted that by doing so, Google is responding to demand from others.

4. To work upstream:

Matt Cutts announced that preliminary work will soon be done to make the links from spammers are becoming less effective.

5. A new link analysis system:

Google is working on an analysis of different and more sophisticated links system. This project is currently only at the initial stage but should allow the California company to better understand the links.

6. Improvement work on hacked websites:

There are two changes. The first is better detection of hacked with the release in the coming months a system more efficient detection sites. The second is to improve communication with webmasters whose site was hacked.

7. Recognition for authority sites:

Google now able to better identify sites of authority in a particular industry. They should therefore get a better visibility in the search results.

8. Adjusting Panda:

Panda soon integrate new signals to allow sites that are in the “gray zone” to be less affected by the effects resulting from the SEO filter. check the Google Panda Guide: How to Recover from Panda Update.

9. Less clustering:

Currently, the first Google home page includes a cluster results by domain name then the following pages of research include more clusters per domain. This could change, however, Matt Cutts says that when users see a cluster of results, it may soon observe least the following pages of research.

10. Better communication with webmasters:

In addition to the issues hacked sites Google wants to communicate better with webmasters example by giving more concrete details and detailed examples for notifications via Google Webmaster Tools.


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