Commonfloor Groups : Love The Neighbors and Stay In Touch

When you start looking for a new home, one of your top considerations is the neighborhood.

The people around you are as important as your home itself because that decides how secure and comfortable you’ll feel in your home. Moreover, human beings are social animals who need to develop a sense of community with their neighbors to feel connected.Commonfloor Groups : Love The Neighbors and Stay In Touch

In today’s world it isn’t always easy to build relationships with your neighbors give how busy everyone is. But at the end of the day when you’re in trouble, you have to rely on your neighbor. So, how do you make this work? Read on to know more about Groups by Commonfloor, which helps you build a well-networked neighborhood.

What is Groups?

A community is built when people work with their neighbors to resolve issues collectively and also develop personal relationships that help maintain harmony. In the same vein,, a real estate portal, developed Groups because it understood the need for a network through which people could be neighborly in this busy world.

Why Commonfloor Groups?

Commonfloor Groups is an online platform that lets you stay connected with your neighbors at any point of time, even if you’re in office or away from home.

commonfloor groups in app

You can stay on top of any news in the community, identify any recurring issues and brainstorm with your neighbors to resolve them and stay updated on the progress of any projects in the neighborhood. It also helps new people get acquainted with everyone in the community, find out people with common interests and make friends in their new locality.

What are the Features of Commonfloor groups ?

Commonfloor has designed Groups for everyone from residents to staff employed by housing societies. Here are the features that are available.


CommonFloor Groups has mostly been designed for residents to be able to interact with each other. To this end, it has a discussion forum where you can talk about relevant issues or solicit opinions from your neighbors.

If you’re feel like you need more data, the polls feature lets you get a community-wide opinion on pertinent issues.

Stay updated on any important information through the notices feature which delivers updates right to your inbox. Additionally, the events calendar is a great way to plan parties or get-together or even general body meetings in the community.

A database of residents, important documents and photos can be maintained through Groups as well. Feel free to contact individuals through the personal messaging system and make friends.

Plus, you can find out about other apartments for sale or rent in the area through the classifieds feature, which also lists household items and furniture.

Managing Committee:

A unified inbox makes sure that everyone in the committee is aware of any grievances or issues that need to be addressed. These issues can then be assigned to individual members and the progress of resolution can be tracked with the issue management feature.

Moreover, access to specific information can be given to just those committee members who need them, like giving your head of security access to the necessary security codes and alarms.

You can also track parking issues, booking of community halls and other such usage of facilities, payment of maintenance dues by residents, as well as, community assets and their usage. Groups also keeps you on the loop about the people who are moving in and out of the community.

Plus, you get free messaging facilities to send out reminders or wishes to all the residents.


You can avail of Groups to manage the facilities and assets of the community and keep track of issues, if any. Since the staff is privy to important information about the residents in the complex, the forum allows restricted access for staff members so that this trust is not violated.

You can track complaints and resolve issues effectively, manage staffing problems and handle all your accounting in one single platform.

Commonfloor Groups therefore helps you build a stronger and better community. It has even designed an app so you can stay connected even if you are not able to access a computer.

Issues can be resolved quickly, scheduling and booking of facilities can be handled without conflict and you can even find new friends who share common interests. CommonFloor Groups is the most convenient way to build a community today!

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