How Apps and Software are lifeline of every electronic techs

How Apps and Software are lifeline of every electronic techs

Apps and Softwares are the biggest gratifying tools on any Android phone or PC. These Electronic Devices are lifeless without the presence of various apps and software being offered for Entertainment, Socializing & varied purposes. But the obstacle is if these Apps and Softwares are compatible with all three Platforms (Android, Web & iOS). So, let’s first have a glance on hottest apps and software one should have in their Smartphones & Desktop that can be run on all platforms. Hundreds of Software and App Developers are available on the internet. Here I listed few of the most popular apps and software list.

How Apps and Software are lifeline of every electronic techs

Hottest Apps and Software for Smartphone and Desktop Users:

Here listed few Free PC Apps and Software was given.


Evernote is the most Powerful & blessed Note taking application supported with multiple features & solutions like Synchronizing data to any web browser,inserting Multimedia,Tag & other organizational features.

SKYPE :Skype

Skype is a well-known communication software accessible on both Android & Web used by individuals & professionals providing free video calling & voice calls. Skype setup and chat are very easy.


It’s an inbuilt application with a cloud storage solution on Android & PC offering 15GB free usage on signing up & high level of compatibility & collaboration. Also, supported with Applications like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google photos etc.


It’s an image editing app comes in different versions like Autodesk Pixlr for a web browser, While Pixlr Editor & Express are for Android. Ideal for editing images like cropping, resizing,removing red eye, adding effects, Collage making etc.


VLC media player

This software is well known in providing awesome video visualizing experience no matter how the quality of the picture is.However, the new version is also supported with an auto-rotating feature in Smartphones& continuing video from where it is paused.

Apart from this, there are many high-end top quality apps and software which have been launched recently and don’t cost you a single penny. However, they are not compatible but still worth to download.

For Smartphone Users:


Launched by facebook, This app allows you to share your quirky & cheerful moments with friends by automatically grouping them into “moments” on when they are taken & with whom!Simultaneously, you can share your pics on Instagram at the same time which is also owned by facebook.

Vine :


You can be your own star by editing , uploading & sharing snappy,funny videos or videos of current events on the spur of the moment. Best app for Acting lovers!

Coffee Med :

Unlike other dating apps basically meant for hook-ups & short flings, This app is for the ones who are looking for committed relationships. You will receive a matched prospectives on a daily basis based on your profile uploaded. You can either consider them or pass it on. An ice-break questionnaire will be set up for those who are interested. If the profile is rejected, then your preference will be considered by the app.

Software for Desktop Users:

Windir Stat :

Windir Stat is the next step in disc cleansing process. We all went to that point where our PC is out of memory, At that point, Windir Stat acts as a rescuer by scanning all your disks & alerting you which kind of files eating space & much more.

Specy :

If you want to have a quick glance on your CPU’s temperature or want to know RAM of your PC, Specy provide info about your model number, temperature, fan speed, S.M.A.R.T status by scanning machine much better than you think of!

Quark Xpress :

Quark express

Quark Xpress is for editing enthusiast having a great interest in creating & editing Magazines, Newspapers either Tabloid or Broadsheets. Supported with various editing tools, this software will give a complete feel of being a proper editor.

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  1. Not as personnel hike, instagram, are also good apps. Recently one app or webapp is available for diary writers online. It’s fully private and free app. Ilike the pixlr very much it gives much options to make good images.

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