5 things you must know about the latest Android OS L

In the mat Google I/O is carried out on Wednesday (25.06.14), Google has announced a lot of things, most attention of course the latest Android operating system is an advanced version of KitKat. For now Google’s latest OS presentation still call it by the name of Android OS “L”. 5 things you must know about the latest Android OS, "L"

As we know, Google is known to use the name of sweet foods to the homemade operating system. And because these companies also follow the alphabetical system, the next name must be followed by the letter, given the previously existing OS “KitKat”. To learn more about the Android OS L, the following are 5 information that must be known by fans of Android gadgets.

1. New Front Display Designs:

Google really does offer something new to the look of Android L. In fact, many states if this is one of the ‘plastic surgery’ to the biggest Google operating system after OS Ice Cream Sandwich in 2011. Android L has a more colorful, flat, and multi-layered, like a combination of colored papers. 5 things you must know about the latest Android OS, "L"

According to the designer, Matias Duarte, Google is gaining inspiration from paper and ink to present the look simple yet attractive. Interestingly, Android L has a quality 3D animation is actually the development of the user interface of the Android system KitKat. As a result, the turn animation applications, tabs, even the click of a button will appear more real and dynamic.

2. Improved Performance Android OS:

For starters, Google claimed to give improved performance in GPU sector in order to improve the quality of graphics of L. Not forgetting Android Virtual Machine belongs KitKat, ART Runtime, which has been overhauled soon to Android L. ART Runtime claimed to provide faster response while accessing an application to 2-fold. 5 things you must know about the latest Android OS,

In fact, according to a benchmark site, proven performance if the addition could reach 400 percent and has supported 64-bit processor architecture. One of Google’s latest project, Volta, were also present to add Android L performance, especially in the sector efficient battery consumption Wi-Fi, radio, until the GPS. Although considered too late, Google now presents a Battery Saver mode that can be activated manually when the power of the Android device reaches a certain percentage. This mode works by lowering the processor performance and the frequency of the screen refresh.

3. Adding new features:

5 things you must know about the latest Android OS, "L"

As a company that started from the search engines, of course, one of the main focus is to improve the features in Google’s search engine in Android L. Google Search Android Features L has new capabilities called rediscovery. Now Google Search can learn income-long occupation, even made ​​from other applications, to help users find what they’re looking for more quickly and easily.

In addition, Android also supports L tab of Chrome’s features to apply to access to the ‘recent’ menu or the latest applications. This makes the display becomes visible neat, easily selected, and have a title at the top. Unfortunately, there is the possibility of increasing the load data process slowing Android devices. This last feature is highlighted by Google is a notification feature that can be added to the lock screen. Furthermore, the user can get a notification in the form of boxes neatly arranged so that a clearer and pleasing to the eye.

4. Present for all Android devices:

Yeah. Android’s latest operating system does not only move closer to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, but also other electronic devices made ​​by Google. One of the much talked about is the automatic car made ​​by Google through Android Auto.

5 things you must know about the latest Android OS-'L'For line of smart watches and regular television or mini TV for video streaming, L comes through Android and Android TV Android Watch. Later I plan to incorporate an Android L to all electronic equipment for large-scale expansion projects in order to raise revenue Google.

5. The best version of android for the business world :

With the help of software ‘Knox’ belongs to Samsung, Google developed Android at Work feature for users in the world of business and enterprise. Android at Work will be able to synchronize the user’s device to separate the data relating to company and personal data. Furthermore, data security jobs will receive a multi-layered, while the personal data will be added security. 5 things you must know about the latest Android OS,

Reportedly, other mobile gadget manufacturers like HTC, Sony, LG, and Motorola has signed an agreement to use Android at Work. The row of upscale manufacturers will also receive a special Office application made ​​by Google, including a recent presentation application like MS. Microsoft PowerPoint.

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