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Integrating Infographic in Social Media Advertising and Marketing

There are those individuals who ignore social media advertising while others reap a lot of benefits from it by creating awareness to their products. However, social commerce is not only suitable for business to increase sales and make money but also an effective channel through which potential customers are able to discover crucial information about a company, new products or brands which they are not familiar with. For social marketing, business managers should create templates which can help them to advertise and market their products. Infographic is one such social media template and a tool that is powerful for social marketing. 

Integrating Infographic in Social Media Advertising and Marketing

Social media for companies such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram has been using infographic to present information and important data about a product. This is done through a combination of texts and compelling graphics that are attractive making infographic to be a potential marketing strategy.

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In 2014, infographic is being used to present complicated data and information about a new product in the market using eye-catching graphics and well presented and detailed information about the product. Once the template is presented in social media platform such as facebook, the information presented is able to reach millions of potential customers.

Using infographic in your business:

Despite the kind of business you are in, you can use infographic to advertise and market your new product. Some of the ways in which businesses use infographic include;

  1. To create new product awareness. For example, it can be used to provide information on medical services, performances and cost.
  2. Provide detailed information about a product that is able to go viral in social media.
  3. It creates more social media exposure

Ways of creating a perfect infographic template:

To generate traffic to your website and increase sales, it is crucial to create a perfect, effective and engage infographic template that will enhance your company’s name or product credibility in social network. Here are some of the steps to follow when creating a perfect and successful infographic that will ensure instantaneous and convenient product awareness.

1. Be clear on your goals and objectives:

While designing an infographic for use in social network, it is important to think on the dry information about your product which you need to convey. The provided data and information should be appealing and adding value to the viewers. Additionally, the information should be simple to understand and synthesize. To advertise and increase sales to your business, you should therefore design a visual appealing infographic that is based on your targeted groups and organization goals.

2. Make your data and information presentable:

Your infographic should be visual appealing to the readers. This is by presenting data and text that is easily understandable by using graphics and attractive designs. To create a visual appealing template, one need to use high quality images, graphics and information. Additionally, it is good to highlight important text and features and make sure the presented data meets your targeted group requirement.

3. Use the right color:

Your infographic need to be eye-catching and attractive. For this reason, it is important to use attractive themes, unique design and right color combinations. To achieve the right color combination, one should first identify the central theme of the infographic and then use complimenting color combinations throughout the design. Additionally, one can use a color combination that is different for each segment of infographic highlighting the key points and important information within the template.

 4. Refer your infographic by citing your URL:

You have to provide the source of the information within the infographic by citing your URL. This will direct your potential customers to your website. Furthermore, it is important to ensure your data is credible.

Infographic has become a powerful tool in social commerce. This is because it is able to create viral marketing in social network creating product awareness. In 2014, try and use infographic in social marketing and advertising and see the result for yourself.

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