How to Create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos? (Quick Guide)

This tutorial explains how to create animated GIFs by using YourTube video. Animated GIFs have become necessary for web developers. Most of the websites are using this. But how to create an animated GIF from youtube videos? there are so many sites are providing these conversion process. Here I tested a few services for this purpose. finally, I […]

How to improve typing speed and Accuracy on Keyboard?

For starters, it will be weird to think about having a good typing speed. But it is an essential thing in any field you enter in. No matter the field which you have entered, there will be a computer and in which times comes for you to start to write something. That may be an […]

How to Backup Thunderbird to Outlook 2016,2013,2010 Mailbox

This article deals with a method to create backup Thunderbird to Outlook 2016,2010,2010 platform to store emails with the help of Gmail account easily and explore some reason why we need to import emails from Thunderbird to Outlook mailbox. Before discussing method, a user needs to know some information about Mozilla Thunderbird. About Mozilla Thunderbird […]

How to Protect Your Files and Folders in Windows PC

How to Protect Your Files and Folders in Windows PC? Most versions of Microsoft Windows do not come with any method of protecting your files and folders with a password; however, that is not the only way of protecting your data. Encryption is probably one of the oldest, yet most effective ways of securing your […]

How to recover deleted text messages from your regular smart devices

Recover deleted text messages. In this smartphone era messaging became one of the basic needs of human beings.  Our conversations are mostly done in messaging. Even business deals are also done through messaging these days. In these conditions sometimes we unknowingly delete some messages which may be useful later. Otherwise, due to some other faults, […]

How to Make a Solar Phone Charger for your Smartphone at Home

Gadgets have crept so much in our daily lives that we cannot simply think of a day without them. What do gadgets actually do? They make our life easy. For example washing machine makes washing clothes easier, Air conditioner helps to beat the summer heat, mobile phones, and tablets helps to increase communication. Unlike most […]

How to install double Whatsapp in Android mobile

Many of us were not new to WhatsApp. Many use WhatsApp for personal messaging and some use Whatsapp also for business purposes. In that case, it is so irritating to see official business along with the personal messages. Here Double WhatsApp method is very helpful. Then what shall we do? Most of us think to […]

SBI Virtual Credit Card: How to Create SBI Virtual Card from Online SBI

SBI Virtual Card is the greatest added feature for SBI online users who are not using Credit cards.  This is the great alternative for SBI customers who are not using or having credit cards. The major advantage of this Virtual credit card feature is it gives the better security measure that are making payments for […]

How to Configure Outlook Emails IMAP in Thunderbird Email Client

This article gives the basic idea and explains How to Configure Outlook Emails IMAP in Thunderbird Email Client on your Windows PC. IMAP protocol is commonly called Internet Message Access Protocol. This protocol is developed by Mark Crispin (He is the father of IMAP) in 1986 at Stanford University. The IMAP is an alternative to POP […]

How to Download Youtube Videos Online Without Software

How to Download a Video from YouTube? YouTube is the biggest video sharing site from one of the Google services. Daily thousands of new videos are uploading and lacks of videos are playing online regularly. This is the simple tutorial on How to Download youtube videos online without software. Some of the software developers are developed […]

How to Setup Schedule Disk Defragmentation in windows 7 and 8

Every PC user should learn What is and how to defragment your computer. There is a number of third party software available on the web. But default disk defragmentation software is very good in windows 7 and 8.  In this tutorial, I am discussing In this tutorial, I am discussing How to configure Disk Defragmentation in Windows […]

How to Install Windows 8.1 in Computer within 20 minutes

Microsoft Windows 8 operating system is the part of every computer user’s life. From the windows 1 version of windows 8 each version created new trends in every time. In this versions, Windows XP got very good user popularity. After the windows 7, now it’s time to Window 8. Microsoft Windows 8 is revolutionary operating […]

How to Install Anu Script Manager 7.0 in Windows OS?

Why Install Anu Script Manager 7.0 in Windows 8. Anu Script Manager is very popular software in India. This package providing the facility to type the words in users mother languages. Anu itself consists of a vast number of attractive fonts. Up to Windows XP installation and working of this script is easy. After introducing […]

How to stop Facebook Video Autoplay

Facebook is the biggest social network in online world. Recently facebook developers introduced the special feature Facebook video autoplay in their news feed. If the facebook user check their account and their news feed, any video appears, its automatic video playing on facebook option is activated to facebook accounts. How to stop autoplay. This is […]

How to play YouTube videos using VLC Player

The VLC Media Player is a player full of surprises. The software features a function that lets you view videos YouTube in its interface. In this way, the user can use some special functions. Let us know How to play YouTube videos using vlc player. See how to use this feature of VLC on Windows and Mac OS.       What about VLC Player: VLC is a […]

How to Change Facebook Password securely and How to Recover

Facebook is largest social networking site to connect people worldwide. Still now it’s one of the most popular social media. Every smartphone and iPhone users are connecting their Facebook account and Google accounts. 45% of the Facebook users are not concentrating on their password strength. So some of the Facebook users are losing their Facebook […]

How to Configure a Wireless Router Perfectly?

Setting up your new wireless router is simple as long as you have a PC with a wireless network adapter and an active high-speed Internet connection. Here’s a quick guide to getting your wireless router running smoothly. Setting up a wireless router is straightforward as long as you have a PC with a wireless network […]

How to Save Android Battery Life to Speed up Smartphone

If your Android device stays on all day, it could be that sometimes not reached the end of our journey. Although Android Battery Life are increasingly better quality and higher capacity, we did not notice a longer duration of these, as the screens are larger and increasingly use applications that require more power. Therefore, we will try […]

Qgifer tool to Create Animated GIF Images

Animated images are used in many websites to present the content easily. Web designers depend on this Animated image designs mainly for Software demos and small video clips. Here  QGifer is the best tools to create animated images. in this tutorial i am explaining What is the tool to create animated images and how to […]

How to create Photo albums with Muvee Photo Creations

I like photography, and I’m quite sure that any person with photography as a hobby, would like to create a custom calendar with his own photos, or a greeting card, a photo book, a gallery wrap or why not a wedding album? As mostly you need a specific software for each of the projects mentioned […]