How to Delete Facebook account Permanently and Securely?

Do you know How to delete Facebook account permanently but you do not know how to proceed? If you are tired of the daily speculation and exposure of your life in a social network (or has some other good reason to give credence to their privacy instead of being part of a network on the web), just follow some tips before proceeding with definitive exclusion from your profile. Before do this first decide is it Temporary Delete Facebook Account or Permanent.  Just follow the guide on How to Delete Facebook account.

How to Delete Facebook account Permanently and Securely?

If you do not want to delete your account at once, you can keep your profile, but removing all traces left on the social network, such as photos unpleasant, ‘tanned’ and updates. You can also change your habits of sharing or temporarily Deactivate Facebook Account.

Check this:

Remember that, to permanently delete the Facebook, there is no way back to the social network after 14 days.

How to delete Facebook account ?

Step 1: Backing up your data:

If you do the cautious type, it is best to save your data to use them in the future if you want. Just follow the following steps:

1. Click the Gear icon at the top of the page;

2. Select ‘Account Settings’;

Delete Facebook account Permanently from here

3. A new page entitled ‘General Settings Account’ will emerge. Click on the link for “Download a copy of your Facebook data ‘, just below’ Language ‘.

How to Delete Facebook account Permanently and Securely?

4. Click on ‘Start My Archive‘.

How to Delete Facebook account Permanently and Securely?

Step 2: Removing associated accounts:

When you have an application with an account linked to your Facebook profile, as a game, SoundCloud or Pinterest, you end up creating accounts that are linked to your profile. Remember that you let these apps access to your account when you installed?

Now it’s time to remove them: go to settings on your Facebook account and remove the applications for which you have granted permission to access your account. The reason for this is simple: Facebook gives a period of 14 days in case of repentance for those who deleted the account. If you really want to end your profile, avoid these applications to access your account for you. When you delete them, you prevent them revitalize your account to access them from the browser or device.

To do this:

  1. Click the gear icon;
  2. Click on ‘Account Settings’;
  3. Click on ‘Applications‘ in the left column;
  4. A list of applications will appear. Click the “x” next to the application to delete them permanently.

 Delete Facebook account from hereStep 3: Removing the Facebook account once and for all:

There are two ways to delete your Facebook profile. The first is the simple filling out a form. Besides being efficient, it is fast and direct. The second is to send an email to the Facebook team – keeping in mind that your email may not reach the recipient. So, it is better to opt for the first.

When you delete Facebook account permanently use the form:

  1. Click the link ‘ Delete Account ‘which will direct you immediately to a page that asks if you are sure that is what you want to do;
  2. Click on ‘Delete my account’;
  3. Fill out the form after you enter your password and enter the captcha security;
  4. Click ‘Ok‘;
  5. Last but not least: DO NOT ENTER on your Facebook the next 14 days, but the deletion will not take effect. You must pass the two weeks for your profile to be temporarily deleted from the database of the social network. And that includes any application that attempts to access your account.

By email: If for some reason you want to delete the account by email, just write to

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