How to delete the Amazon account in 2020?

Are you searching for how to delete Amazon account? Here is the complete tutorial on figure out how to close. Before going to discuss this, you have to read about amazon.

how to delete amazon account

Amazon is one of the biggest online shopping sites from American Multinational company based. It is focusing on e-commerce business, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. This is one of the top 5 tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Purchases and browsing experience is very good. they are providing helpful offers on products and lists for the readers and buyers. So every day millions of people are visiting these stores.

What are the basic reasons to cancel your amazon account?

To cancel an account if your email address connected to your account. If you lose access, you can not close your account. Of course, there are no benefits to multiple accounts. So this is not difficult to cancel

The basic reasons to close the Amazon account is given below.

  • Using the same e-mail and mobile number in multiple accounts.
  • Unsatisfactory with the store goods delivery
  • To completely erase your purchasing records you comfort to erase your record, here is the how-to guide to complete the closing your amazon account.

Remember these points before closing

You should know these before deleting your amazon account. If you cancel amazon’s account, you will lose a few more accounts from its international stores like and Amazon-owned sites like You will lose access to any website you use the primary account for and also the Amazon payments.

Your open orders and Amazon gift card balance will be removed automatically. Digital content, prime videos, kindle ebooks, Digital software, Games, and music everything will be erased. This is an unusual action to take. If you are using the Prime video access (get 30 days free trial) with this, you will lose that access also.

If you are a prime member, do you know how to download a show or movie from the Prime videos to watch offline? 

If you want to erase your purchase records, cancel your membership, personal images, you can do this easily. If you are planning to start your shopping with a new account, you have to close the old one. 

A few days back I faced a little problem with my old amazon account. I failed to log in with my old credentials. The associated e-mail and Mobile number are deactivated. So I planned to eliminate my amazon account from web services. Ok, let us see How to permanently delete your amazon service.

How to delete Amazon account?

When I submitted the closing form, the amazon closing features are a little bit changed. So I started writing this article on how I submitted the form to stop. It is not difficult for this deletion. 

Note: Amazon is providing the three different supports to deactivate.

They are E-mail, Phone, and Chat. Here is the step by step process and instructions to check the recommended steps on how to close your Amazon account from the web.

Step 1: Sign into Your Account

Open from your web browser. Then log in to your account from Your Account tab. Scroll down to the bottom of the main page.

signin amazon

Step 2: Choose Help

Now select the Help option from the Let Us Help You menu from the bottom right. 

choose Help

Step 3: Go for Help topics

on the next page, it was suggesting Help topics. Just move the cursor over to the Need More Help then click on Contact Us to connect with a representative.

On the contact us page, press the button on Prime, or something else from the tabs. Then choose the Login and Security option from the drop-down menu of the Tell us more section.

prime and tell us more

Then choose “Close my account” from the second drop-down list. Here are the two ways to inform about closing your account or delete your amazon account. They are

a. By changing your  settings

If you simply need to change your e-mail address or remove payment methods from your account, you don’t need to close your account. You can go to your account settings and change the details. That’s it

b. By talk to someone

This is another final method to remove your amazon account.  Here are the three options to choose to request your deactivate the account. they are Email, Phone, and Chat sections. These three sections are working well. I opted first one – mail section for the deactivation. 

email and chat support

Just open any of the options, then type the lines which are given below. 

Please delete my account. I don’t use it and I don’t need it. 

within 24 hours customer support will contact you via Email by informing the disadvantages of closing your amazon account.

The staff will try to figure out what problem you are having and will try to solve the issues which you are facing the account.

If you are sure to close your account, they will do everything for you. Your account will be deactivated within 24 hours by confirming the email. You will receive the email as “account is closed”

After 24 you are free to create a new one to start online shopping without any problems and you can start with fresh purchase history.

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