Best 12 Reasons to use Google Plus

After a long time hearing that Google Plus is not working as expected and question its effectiveness seems to be slowly taking ground day and night is becoming one of the most important social networks face positioning. An example in the study have previously published unseating Facebook, Google+ and Twitter,  where the influence of the various social networks is shown in front of the positioning and how Google Plus stands far above the rest. There are many sources that did foresee this time, and many who were waiting. Having said this happened to highlight some aspects for which Google Plus like and we can get to be very practical.

Best 12 Reasons to use Google PlusThe Best and Smart Reasons to Use Google Plus Weight:

  1. Based social network Circles: Its use as a functional social network where we can share, making dissemination of our items, read about our environment and interests and the new concept of ” Circles “which stand out for their ease, rapidity of use and usefulness. Maintaining privacy and getting our publications segment so simple, intuitive and easy.
  2. Events:Another special feature is that we can create our own events using simple custom themes for each event, automatically adding them to Google Calendar and share photos in real time, being able to group all the photos of the event together. It also allows you to invite any person by mail without being required to have a Google Plus account.
  3. Hangouts: One of the best hits of Google Plus, is undoubtedly its video chat system, the Google hangouts. Noted for its ease of use, the possibility of Live hangouts, for their applications, games and fun for their effects.
  4. Positioning Benefits: Based on the contents are vital to be well positioned. Google Plus is based on the diffusion of these giving more importance to your content published on the social network before others.
  5. Importance of +1: It is known the importance of +1 our articles and how to positively influence the results Google shows for all purposes.
  6. Communities: Another great advantage is the ease with which we can create communities and they become useful for disseminating our articles and get +1. Highlight here some of the most participative communities I have met so far. Where +1 if you give and receive them back in some cases receive far more than you give. This requires the participation and compliance, some stricter than others, but to say that the more stringent, better results are achieved. So if you read this article and you decide to become part of one of these communities, it is best that you be participatory and you will be rewarded. 
  7. Recognition author or “Authorship”: For some time now we can link our articles to our Google Plus profile, indicating that they are the authors. This authorship is shown in searches by the author photo, which gives us many benefits, both to avoid plagiarism, as to stand out from the search, as the article author photo stands out from the other results.
  8. Ranking copyright or “Author Rank”: For quite a while we hear of “Google Author Rank“, which would become a “Page Rank” led content authoring. For those who have the “authorship” in our blogs, it is something clearly beneficial.
  9. Plagiarism Protect your files with Google Plus: Linking your content with Google Plus you’re telling Google that you are the author of that content that offers some protection against possible plagiarism of content.
  10. Effective to quickly index files: Google Plus is the new tool to upload to Google URLs. You could say that if you publish a new content and what you promote on Google Plus voting him sharing it and the speed with which Google will index this content will be higher.
  11. Owned by Google: Given that the vast majority of global search is through Google; You could say that Google Plus is a tool perfectly synchronized with their services and providing a slight edge over other platforms: Google logically, always give more importance to their services than the rest.
  12. Application Smartphone: Your mobile app works perfectly: intuitive, highly visual, fast and fully functional. It allows us to be informed, share articles, give our +1 anywhere, anytime.

In short, Google is becoming or has already become, in the main portal from which to access the cloud, gathering almost all our needs in one site. If you have enjoyed this article, feel free to sign up to my newsletter to receive my upcoming articles

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