Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

When you perform a search with the Google search engine, the search is no longer only by keywords, it can now answer the questions and statements in the same way a human could do. This is done by analyzing the motion in its entirety, even if it is not an exact answer.

For example, ask Google this: “Tell me about the Impressionists.” Google will display a list of artists but it also displays information to learn more about the Impressionist movement, browse individual works, or switch to abstract artists using filters.

Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

Google Hummingbird: a Revolution in Search Engines:

This new feature is called Hummingbird ( Hummingbird). Google says it is the “most important algorithmic change” for years. It will affect 90 percent of searches and the company began, there is a month to implement it throughout the world. Changes Google Hummingbird means that to write “Tell me about Impressionist artists’ displays a list of artists but also provide an opportunity for users to learn more about the movement, browse works, or switch to abstract using filters artists. Photo left. It is also now possible to easily compare two elements, such as butter and olive oil.

Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

The Updated Google HummingBird and the 15th Anniversary

The changes were officially announced during the celebration of the 15th birthday with a Doodle game and Easter egg.

“Google search 15 years now,” said Amit Singhal , senior vice president of Google search.

“Remember what it was like to look in 1998? You sit down and start your bulky computer, dialing your modem, type in a few keywords, and you get 10 blue links to websites that have these words. It seemed like magic!” 

“The world has changed so much since then: billions of people are coming online, the Web has grown exponentially, and now you can ask any question about what is the powerful little device in your pocket.”

You can explore the world with the knowledge graph, ask questions aloud with voice search, and information as well as you think to ask Google before.

Recognition of Voice Queries:

Google also announced the establishment of the function of advanced voice recognition applications to which your computer or mobile device can now respond verbally, in a manner similar to how Apple’s Siri works. For example, users can ask Google to build a playlists, compare products or to obtain information about landmarks.

Users need only once mentioning the context. For example, if searching for information concerning Big Ben, the researcher has to do is say ‘Big Ben’ once, Google will know that if someone requests information on this monument, but then asks for directions that the two questions concern the same thing.

Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

The official chronology of Google shows how research has developed over the past 15 years. The latest update is the “algorithm change the most important” for years. It will affect 90 percent of searches.

This tool uses features updated Google Knowledge Graph (graph knowledge) to filter and extract information from different sources to create what is, in effect, a file on a particular topic. Have a conversation with Google should be “more natural,” Singhal wrote.

“So if you tell your Nexus 7: Ok Google.Remind me to buy olive oil in Carrefour, when you enter the store with your iPhone, you’ll recall.”

Google also unveiled an updated iOS app, which will be available soon. This application allows users to view calendar entries more clear, and have reminders through various devices and operating systems. These announcements coincide with the celebration of 15 anniversary of Google.

The site was originally called BackRub, but was changed in 1997, Google is actually a misspelling of the word googol, which is a term used for the number 1 followed by one hundred zeros. There is some confusion around the official birthday of Google. Reports say the company registration papers were filed September 4, 1998. The company became incorporated three days later and the domain was registered on September 15.

Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm 

Google officially celebrates her birthday with a special Doodle every year on September 27. Doodle this year is a playable game, in which the animated letters of the word Google reached a piñata. Most candy coming out, the higher the score.

The more goodies coming out, the higher the score becomes high. By typing “Google 1998”, the Google search engine changes its appearance and in the form he was 15 years ago. The site is now the number one search engine in the world and his name became synonymous with research, it is now used as a verb in its own right: “The Googling” or “Google it” Despite its humble beginnings in a rented Garage owned by Susan Wojcicki – now sister-Brin – the company now has more than 70 offices in over 40 locations around the world, including London, Paris. The Google headquarters – known as the Googleplex – is located in Mountain View, California, USA.

Its size and reputation grew rapidly during the first year, with three billion Web documents on the Google index in December 2001. The various innovations launched by Google are now part of everyday life. They include, among others, Google Maps, Google Street-view and Google Earth, each showing how the company is now spreading worldwide.

Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

Google also has a hidden easter egg in its search pages to celebrate his birthday. Type “Google in 1998” to change the style of the page and see the original version there 15 years.

 Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

A screenshot of the beta version of Google capture: September marks the 15th anniversary where Google was incorporated by the founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The company started from a garage in Silicon Valley in 1998 and is now Google has become the most important search engine in the world with over 13 billion searches per month.

Android operating system made by Google:

Its Android operating system is the most popular mobile software in the world and has worked with leading manufacturers including Asus and LG to launch a number of best-selling devices such as smartphone Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 tablet. Google also bought Motorola in 2011 and a new handset Moto X is expected late this year. As for the future, Google Glass is one of the latest products of the Internet giant, to offer hands-free connectivity with voice control through a mobile device.

In addition, Google has developed a range of self-driving that uses sensors and mapping technologies to travel around cities without chauffeur cars. Industry experts have praised Google for its success, however, some have questioned how long Google will remain at the top. Joseph Lampel, professor of strategy at Cass Business School, City University London, said Google would continue to innovate to ensure they stay ahead of the survival curve for the next 15 years. Professor Lampel said: “I’m not surprised they have survived to this day, but if you ask me if they will survive the next 25 or 30 years, it is another matter”


Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

The Android operating system from Google is now the most popular mobile software in the world. A screenshot of the first version, called Android 2.2 Froyo is shown at left. The latest version, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean is shown in the right image and Google announced Android 4.4 KitKat last month.

He said there was growing competition from search engines in emerging markets, particularly in Asia, and added: “Google may not be able to maintain their dominance, though the industry s’ open to competition. ”

“The question also arises as the same function of Google. The business search engine will change in the next decade in new technologies and new appliances. ”

Professor Lampel attributed the success of Google for its speed by adding services to their search engine and innovations regarding the hardware with products like Google Glass. “
“Overall, they have done very well, and they had a huge influence, no doubt”

Timeline of GOOGLE: Key Milestones and News: 

Google introduced Hummingbird search algorithm

  • September 1998  : Google Inc. was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin
  • July 2000  : Google is the biggest search engine in the world and in December it has 1 billion clues
  • July 2001  : image search is started
  • February 2003  : Google buys blogging platform Blogger
  • March 2004  : Gmail is launched
  • October 2004  : Google launches Desktop Search and index reached 8 billion in December
  • June 2005  : A busy month for Google since it launched Google Earth, Maps, Google Talk and Google Video
  • July 2005  : Android was bought by Google
  • October 2006  : Google buys video site YouTube
  • September 2008  : The Search index reached $ 1 billion and the Chrome browser is unveiled
  • July 2009  : Google launches Chrome OS for netbooks
  • July 2010  : The first smartphone handset Nexus – Nexus One – is launched
  • August 2011  : Google plans to buy Motorola Mobility
  • March 2012  : Google launches Google Play with the rental of films and television series as well as applications
  • June 2012  : First Google tablet made ​​by Asus, is launched called Nexus 7 and Google Glass is unveiled
  • June 2013  : Google buys company Waze mapping and navigation to boost its mapping software and capabilities of self-driving car
  • June 2013  : Google balloons equipped with transmitters internet is launched


Google becomes more “human” in responding to long and complex questions: search engine adds new features that officially celebrates its 15th anniversary

  • The update Hummingbird Google now allows for more complete answers
  • This change will help dropping keywords to complete the statements
  • It uses graphical knowledge data that compile  folders containing different information relationship.
  • Google also announced advanced query tools voice – similar to Siri
  • September marks the 15th anniversary of the day Google has emerged
  • Google celebrated his birthday by posting a birthday Doodle and Easter Eggs

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