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Google Allo: Future trending Messaging app for Android users

Google Allo is the latest release from Google. It is one of the best alternatives of WhatsApp. Whatever we do, either for refreshment or a night out, we opt for chatting. Chatting in the sense we go for WhatsApp directly. There was another great app that stands in the place of WhatsApp. That is Google Allo.The Google Allo which was released by Google was stood up with the best features.

When you opt for chatting we cannot express our full emotions in just a message. For that in google Allo, there are many improved features that make us express our feelings much easier.

Google Allo App

Features of Google Allo:

Some of the features of Google Allo are given below. The first and foremost thing in this Google Allo Apk is the colors are very much nice than any of the other messaging apps. This messaging app has a special feature to easily chat with our besties.

It is that you can respond very quickly with a smart reply. The auto responds system is very well developed in the Google Allo apk. The apk itself suggest replies for the messages. If you are on a go then you can simply tap one of the responses suggested by the Google. It also responds to photos. If your friend keeps a photo of a pet dog, then it will show you some quick responses like ‘ahhh’ ‘so cute’ etc. it also suggests stickers and emoticons for responses.

1. Improvised emojies and stickers:

The emojies and stickers are very much improved in the new messaging app. The app canvas was very much improved. You can change the sizes of emojies and stickers right from the desktop. You can simply make the emoticons larger and smaller just by dragging the send button up and down. 25 packs of stickers were developed by the Google for this apk.

These stickers come with special colors that attract your eyes very much. There is also a feature of making your own pictures by scribbling on them using the special drawing tools.

2. Google Assistant in Google Allo:

The Google allo is the tool that can assist you in anything. You can directly chat with Google to get information about anything. The Google assistant will just be like one of our friends chatting with us. You can ask questions or search for something right from your chats.

We can also add the Google assistant to our group chats. You can just simply click @Google to add the Google assistant into your Google Allo group chats. By adding the google assistant to your group, you can plan for any vacation right from there. You can ask Google for any movie timings, train reservations and also flight timings and much more.

3. Incognito mode of chatting:

If you are opting for a very private chat with any of your friends, then you should switch to the google allo application.

In the Google Allo app, it headed a step forward and started a mode of chatting for private conversations. In the incognito mode, there will be an end to end encryption and some other security features will be enabled.

You can set you incognito mode of chatting for certain time. Later it will come to normal mode. In the incognito mode, the messages will be erased automatically. The notifications of those messages will also be hidden.

4. Send SMS to non-Allo users:

Google Allo SMS can also be sent to the friends who are not yet using the Google Allo app. if you are using the Google allow and your friends are not using this, you can send messages as regular SMS to them. In return the messages they send will be reached to your app. in this way there will be no breakage in chatting.

Google Allo is available for

Presently Google allo is available for both android and iOS. The Google allo was developed for android and later it was improved for iOS. So the users of both iOS and Android can start using this free app from the play store.

Google is presently trying to bring this conversational app to other platforms like Microsoft etc. there is presently application available for windows desktop also.



The Google Allo will be the better choice for anyone who is opting for a change in the style of their conversations. All the very new stickers of this new app are very cool and different from the other apps. You can check the official page for more details.

The increase and decrease of the size of the emoticons are also the best things in the Google Allo app. by using this conversion app you can also create groups within it. You can get assisted by the google assistant in any plans and journeys.

If you want to see a video on a topic you can simply ask Google to show the video about that and Google assistant will show it on your chat screen. This assistant can also be added to the groups, where you can share your information effectively with the others.

Even though the services are limited to Android and iOS, Google is trying its best to bring this to all the other platforms. Within no matter of time, this Google Allo will come into every individual’s mobile. So download your Google app and say ALLO to it right now

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