Silly Facebook Scams and How to avoid them

Silly Facebook Scams and How to avoid them

Facebook is one of  the number one social network. Now a day everybody has a Facebook account. Most of the people are using to promote their brand names online. But 60% of the Facebook timeline is filled with a bunch of nonsense. The worst is that these spams are shared by your friends, but Facebook is updating their security day by day against spams, violence and sexism. So Little focus on some social networking scams especially Facebook scams.

Silly Facebook Scams and How to avoid them

Why there’s SPAM on Facebook Scams:

Facebook has become in a few years as the essential social network. So it now has about Over 955 million users, 543 million mobile users till date. Facebook as it is a ideal playground for spamming naive people, like Email Marketing to Internet beginners.

Ok, so Facebook a big potential, but SPAM (Facebook Scam), specifically, what is it? After reading several articles, is what appears mainly:

  • To earn money to whoever establishes
  • To obtain data characters (CDM bank codes ..)
  • To generate traffic

How to detect a Malicious publication on Facebook?

Here are some tips to set whether or not a publication is a scam on Facebook.

  • Greed : “Hey just too hard to see my technique to win $4,500 / month” where even “I do a lot to earn 10 iphones, I cannot sell them because the plastic of the screen was removed “
  • Sex : “Come and see the Rihanna sex tape”
  • Curiosity : “OMG this girl commits suicide after publication of this status”
  • Feelings : “I like 1 = a baby seal saved” “if this page gets 1 billion I love …”
  • Personification : “Tired of Facebook blue, go to red”
  • The advantage : “Discover who visited your profile”

Silly Facebook Scams and How to avoid themThe list is of course not exhaustive, and those who put it in place are very clever. At the limit, if it earns money, it does not bother me, but if it affects my personal data is something else.

Silly Facebook Scams and How to avoid them

How to prevent SPAM and SCAM on Facebook?

Secure your Facebook account

  • Common sense, the Internet is not the land of Care Bears, There are scams everywhere as
  • Install only trusted applications on their Facebook profile
  • Enable secure browsing in Facebook (https)
  • Set up a strong passwords instead of “123456” or “qwerty CDM”
  • Avoid adding to friend strangers on Facebook people (especially if it’s a sexy girl)

This article comes to an end, if you have information about Facebook scams and spams, do not hesitate to leave a comment to complete this article. You can also continue your reading by looking my article on “control their privacy and security on Facebook”

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