Essential iOS Apps : Start Your iOS Journey with these apps

Essential iOS Apps : Start Your iOS Journey with these apps

With the Apple iOS gaining such a huge user base, it has become important for the company to develop apps to increase the appeal of the popular OS. Be it a productivity app or a social media app, apps on any platform are necessary. Listed below are a few of the most essential iOS apps that one needs to install before they start their journey with their new iPhone or iPad:

Essential iOS Apps : Start Your iOS Journey with these apps

Essential iOS apps 2016:

The give apps Must Have iPhone Apps 2016 and top rated and downloaded apps  from iPhone App store Essentials. These are Must Have Android Apps 2015.

Freecharge :

With so many tasks and errands to run every day, we often forget to get our phone recharged. We have multiple utility bills to pay like electricity, DTH, landline etc. which we may often forget to. Paying these bills as well as hunting for a shop that sells your particular network’s recharge can be difficult and hence apps like Freecharge are a good alternative mode of completing these errands. All the user requires is to create a valid account on the app and carry out the recharges and bill payments. Furthermore, to save some money, the user can make use of Freecharge Coupons. This is must have Free Recharge Mobile Balance filling and checking App. It have Free Recharge Coupons for all android users.

Essential iPhone Apps 2015 :

Clean Master :

With continuous use the gadget tends to accumulate a huge cache or unwanted files which take up important space in the device’s storage. With this iOS app, the user can clear these temporary files, clear cache, remove similar files and much more to reclaim some memory.

Clean Master is the most popular iPhone Apps Must Have

Opera Mini Browser :

The iOS comes with the Safari browser. However, the Opera Mini Browser is one of the more popular options when it comes to wanting to browse the internet as it offers more customizability than other browsers. The app also helps to minimize the amount of memory used as it makes use of as much as 90% less data than some of the other browsers.

Essential iOS Apps : Start Your iOS Journey with these appsXender :

File sharing is an important feature of any Smartphone or tablet. With Xender, the user can quickly share files as big as 500MB in roughly 5 minutes over Wi-Fi. It is a must have app if you need to transfer or share huge files with others often.

LastPass :

We have a lot of online accounts and passwords to protect these accounts. Our security online is very important to safeguard against hackers. LastPass helps the user to make strong passwords so that they do not fall prey to hackers. It is also a storehouse of the user’s various account details along with the passwords. The app can also be used to encrypt data.

WhatsApp :

The free messaging app has millions of users over the world. It allows the user to send messages, videos, locations, contacts over the internet to any other WhatsApp user across the world without any charges. With the latest voice calling feature, the app’s appeal has increased even more. Now the user can stay in touch with their loved ones, wherever they are.


There are many more essential iOS apps available in the Apple App Store for the user to install, however the aforementioned ones are the apps that the user must install before they get started with using their iOS device.

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