How to Download Windows 10 preview ISO file

Microsoft has a new operating system and is allowing anyone interested to try it through Windows Technical Preview program, anyone can help improve the functions of the final version of this operating system.

The development version of Windows 10 can be downloaded from today, all you have to do is register a Microsoft account on this link and then go to this page to download the ISO file that is appropriate for your system. Right there exist steps and precautions to complete the process.

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It is important to remember that this OS version has several bugs, ie, experience with this software is unstable at different times, so it is advised that, if possible, install the ISO on a secondary computer.

Windows 10 preview is only available in English (US and UK), Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese; Also you can download version 32 or 64 bits, depending on which is necessary for the PC that will run the platform.

How to Download Windows 10 preview ISO file

Some of the changes that have Windows 10 is the reappearance of the Start menu, and a search button, ability to run apps in resizable windows, among others. Also remember that this version of Windows marks a step towards the creation of a “universal” platform that will be present on different devices and using the same name.

The aim of the Windows 10 Technical Preview program is to introduce users to the new features of Windows 10 and to know the improvements, but also to evaluate and suggest what they would like to improve the final version, which is scheduled for launch later 2015.

When all were expecting the arrival of  Windows 9, Microsoft has named its new operating system like Windows 10. In this note knows his most outstanding news. Its most important feature is that it will unify all platforms of Microsoft Windows in one, regardless of device type.

Windows Phone will also be replaced by Windows 10 through the Continuum feature. The new system combines elements of Windows 8, with features that will be most familiar to traditional users. Windows 10 brings the start menu again. Another tool is Task View, allowing multiple virtual desktops on a single session.

The new system will allow multitasking arrange multiple windows simultaneously. Besides Windows 10 retains elements 8 as Share. Windows 10 is a collaborative system and therefore has launched Windows Trial Insider Program.

Important Points:

  1. Automatic updates: Microsoft updating this preview version with out any charge. Simply no need to turn off Automatic updates in this preview version.
  2. For IT Professionals: Enhance the security and manageability for all types of devices. Enables familiar experience with the Windows Technical Preview Enterprise Edition.
  3. Get the full ISO version: ISO version is very useful for advanced users. By using this ISO file you can install windows 10 in another partition, another PC and Virtual machine. Get the Free Windows 10 Technical Preview.

If you are planning to install the preview, Try the below links. These are Official Microsoft Download links with Official Product key.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview:


  • English (United States) 64-bit (x64) —- Download (3.81 GB)
  • English (United States) 32-bit (x86) —- Download (2.93 GB)
  • English (United Kingdom) 64-bit (x64) —-  Download (3.79 GB)
  • English (United Kingdom) 32-bit (x86) —- Download (2.94 GB)
[highlight color=”yellow”]Update: Windows 10 is released on November 2015 officially. [/highlight]

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