How To Download PlayBox APK For Android (An Effortless Tutorial)

When it comes to entertainment apps, PlayBox HD is one of the most widely used ones. It offers its users to watch their favorite TV shows and movies and other videos for completely free of cost and that too in HD.

However, if you are unaware of how to download it, we are here to provide you an effortless tutorial of how to download apk file for Android. But before we head into that, let us run through some of its features.

Download PlayBox APK For Android

PlayBox Features

What Makes it The Ultimate Entertainment App?

The features of PlayBox have played a significant role in giving this app a momentum.  The following are the PlayBox features that make it appealing to users:

  • Having an easy user interface is very important, and the PlayBox app provides just that. Any user can easily navigate their way around in this app.
  • It is not fun when you have to pay to watch every single movie or TV series that you want to. With this app, you do not have to worry about that as it enables you to watch everything free of cost.
  • It supports Google ChromeCast, which means that you can stream all your favorite videos directly on the TV.
  • PlayBox Apk also features a Kids Mode, enabling which helps you to keep explicit content away from your kids.
  • This app gives you the opportunity to share your favorite videos with your family and friends.

How to Download PlayBox Apk on Android?

This app cannot be directly downloaded from the Google Play Store. This is because PlayBox is not registered on the Google Play Store even though it is Android-based. This is due to the reason that it strictly violates the streaming rules of Google. However, there are ways to get this app on your Android. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Download the app

Start by downloading PlayBox HD apk on your Android device. Make sure that you are downloading the recent version of the app.

Step 2: Go to Settings

Since PlayBox Hd.Apk is a third-party app and is unregistered by Google Play Store, you have to give special access to the unknown sources to enable the installation process from sources other than Google Play Store. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ on your Android device and click on ‘Security’.

Step 3: Enable Sources

You will come across an ‘Unknown Source’ option. Tick the checkbox to enable permission.

Step 4: Accept Permissions

Go to ‘File Manager’ and find the PlayBox Hd. APK file that you have just downloaded. Click on it to install it. The apk file will ask for your app permission. Grant the necessary permissions to complete the installation process.

Step 5: How to Watch?

After the app gets installed, you will find it on the main menu. This means the whole process is complete. Click on it to watch all the content that you were waiting to watch free of cost.

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Wrap Up

First, download the Playbox APK file, and configure it properly. If this guide was of any help to you, then don’t forget to comment below. We love to hear from you. And don’t forget to tell your experience of using PlayBox Apk.

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