How to Add a Blur Faces in YouTube Videos

How to Add a Blur Faces in YouTube Videos?

Due to some privacy issues, If you Watch YouTube Videos and in some NEWS channels videos are broadcasting with blurred faces. Just like that Do you want to blur some people faces in your uploaded YouTube video?  Here is the simple trick. YouTube providing a good option from Video Manager which you can blur the faces with few clicks without depending third party software or tools. The creation of Blur Face in Photo is very easy. The blur faces in the video are also very easy by using Video Face Blur Software and Beauty Photo Editor Online Free. What about the uploaded Youtube Videos.

This is the simple method on how to blur faces in Youtube video easily. There are few other tools are available on the web to blur the faces in videos such as android apps, iPhone apps, Adobe premier, Wax tools and much more. Recently YouTube introduced this blur face adding a feature to their users. Let us follow the steps to do this. Point Blur is one of the blur faces app, which is available on Android Play store.

How to Add a Blur Faces in YouTube Videos

How to Add a Blur Faces in YouTube Videos?

  • First Login to your YouTube account.
  • After successful login, click on your Username then click on “Video Manager” click on creator studio
  • In Video Manager choose Videos and select one video to create a blur effect on faces in the video.choose video manager and videos
  • In Video Manager, select your uploaded video to blur faces. Then select “Enhancement” option from the EDIT on Enhancements
  • In the Enhancement section, click on “Blurring effects” tab, which is the present right side of the Preview video. Then click on “Apply”. blurring effects
  • The blur effect applies on the video. Check the video to confirm Blur faces appeared on video. Blurred effect video
  • Lastly, click on Save the blurred version of your YouTube video as a new copy.
  • Your new Video is now ready.


This is a very good feature to protect the privacy of some persons from your videos. This is simple and friendly option to do this anybody without any video editing software skills. The Blur faces in YouTube videos is very easy now. Anyone can try it now.

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