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Top 5 Best Password Management Applications for Online Safty

Hackers are trying to catch your passwords from your online activity every day. The login information is becoming more delicate and valuable. Create secure passwords actually requires at least one uppercase letter, symbol, number, a name of the great-aunt of his neighbor on the left, and the like. But because all those remember passwords, since it is recommended to use different combinations for each log? There are hundreds of Password management applications are available on the web. How Safe Are Password Managers? Here is the special password Management applications are introducing.

Top 5 Best Password Management Applications

Fortunately, there are apps that help relieve some of the stress of having to memorize so many passwords. They keep your login information securely in one place. Most applications also help detect phishing scams and hacking, so you need not worry about invasions to the application itself. Check out some tips for desktop and mobile apps that can help you with this dilemma of modern life. Of course, nowadays users are taking more security from hackers activity.

Best Password Management Applications for Online Venture:

Here I am discussing very good services to manage your online activity details like Username, Password, bank details like. You can store here securely. Just create an account and use the service. These are best Password Management Applications for safe online activity.

1. Dashlane:

Five Best Password Management Applications

The Dashlane is an application that includes resources beyond password management application, such as

  • alerts about security breaches,
  • a virtual wallet to store credit card information,
  • loyalty programs and documents, and receipts, notes and
  • screenshots of your purchases online.

Its interface is simple to use and the app also has an optional data sync with the cloud. There is a basic, free version of the app and another premium which costs $ 19.99 per year. Dashlane is available for Windows, Mac , iOS, and Android .

2. LastPass:

Five Best Password Management Applications

The LastPass is a web application (Password Management Applications) compatible with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Safari. It encrypts your login information, as well as other data on the site so that they are always safe. You can also share your information securely, without exposure, importing and exporting personal data and performing a backup. This is Best Password Manager 2016.

There is also a virtual keyboard option to increase protection against invaders. You can upgrade to the premium version of LastPass for $ 1 per month and use it on your mobile devices, including iOS, Android , BlackBerry and Windows Phone. This is best Password Manager App for iPhone.

3. OneSafe:

Five Best Password Management Applications

The oneSafe is available for Mac and iOS and is a strong application security management. It synchronizes login information on multiple devices via iCloud and includes backup insurance. You can also easily export and import information, and take advantage of the password generator app itself. oneSafe has a clean interface with friendly layouts for easy organization. The app costs $ 5.99 for iPhone and iPad devices, and $ 12.99 for Mac .

You even have the option of using onePhoto ($ 1.99) on iOS devices to keep all your photos and videos in one place. The tight security includes the option to self-destruct device information after three unsuccessful login attempts.

4. SplashID Safe:

Five Best Password Management Applications

The SplashID Safe has three editions, each with various resources for specific needs. Personal Edition (available for a flat rate of $ 9.99 after the trial period) is available for virtually all platforms: Mac , Windows, Android , iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Already editing groups ($5 per user per month) is great for small teams and allows users to share their records with employees safely. The Enterprise edition is aimed at large organizations and can be hosted on the client’s own servers or through the synchronization service in the cloud SplashID Safe. All versions have identity protection, automatic backups security, automatic generation of passwords and auto fill web anti-phishing.

5. Password Genie:

Password Genie is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android versions. The Password Genie is also available in both free and premium versions. The application saves your login information and password and form automatically fills login the next time you visit the same site. The special feature of this service is which have the automated backups services by encrypting your personal information for extra protection.


The above given five Best Password Management Applications are very safe and secured. It encrypts your data online safely. The password management tools enable the special feature to store passwords in different categories. These categories or folders sync with their cloud stages  with multiple users, desktops and devices automatically. Pick any one of the password management software and store your personal information securely.


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