Useful Cricket apps for smartphone users and Cricket lovers

As the cricket fever is in the air the demand for cricket apps is all set to rise. This has lead to a race among app developers about who is going to develop the best cricket app. As the ICC T20 world cup is about to start which will then be followed by IPL 7 in India you can very well imagine the ultimate craze for Cricket in India.

Though there are those good old SMS alerts also that are being used to know about the latest happenings and scores, with more and more people upgrading their phones to smart phones the cricket apps are considered as one of the best sources for gaining information about the latest matches and sporting events. Here are some popular cricket apps explained in detail.

best cricket apps for smartphone users

Cricket apps 1: ESPN Cricinfo

  • ESPN Cricinfo is available for both Android as well as iOS users. The best thing about this app is that it has a separate section for the upcoming T20 World cup, the statistics chart is new and you can also watch live streaming of all the matches. You will need a high-speed data or an internet connection for the same.
  • Push notifications are also available that allows you to track your favorite team in a simple and smooth manner. The color and the font size are also latest and generate more interest in the mind of new users.

Cricket apps 2: ICC Cricket T20 World Cup app:

  • You can easily download this cricket app from Apple’s iTunes App Store. This app provides the most attractive player profile options and lets you keep a complete tab of the entire tournament. You can also enjoy the live match coverage along with team statistics and tournament photographs. The only thing that is missing with this app is the availability of the latest news related to cricket.

Apart from all the apps such as ESPN Cricinfo that have been discussed above, there are much more such elegant and user-friendly cricket apps that can be downloaded. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. It is always good to read all the reviews and testimonials before finalizing about the app. The internet is the best source from where you can read the reviews and testimonials. The real deal is to get the best app so that you can enjoy your favorite sport in a simple and easy manner.

As far as app availability is concerned Android scores more points and the only reason behind this is a large number of Android users. Even app developers love to develop something for Android because they are going to earn more by doing something for Android. There is another thing that most of the people like these days are the live streaming apps. No matter if you are in the office or stuck in a traffic jam you can still watch your favorite cricket match live on your smart phone screen. Things cannot get better than this and with IPL season 7 approaching fast such live streaming apps are all set to conquer people’s heart.

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