The Best Alternative to Commonfloor App

Going to a real estate broker or an agent for finding properties and then visiting each one of the property is a thing of the past. Nowadays there are so many online classified websites which are specific for real estate only that you don’t have to step a foot outside anymore.

That wasn’t enough because now there are mobile apps that deliver the same service. There are lots of apps out there which can be used for buying, selling, or renting properties. Most of these apps feature authentic property classifieds and all the info and other related stuff regarding the properties is verified.

The Best Alternative to Commonfloor App

What is the Commonfloor app?

  • Commonfloor app is an India based property search app. You can use this app for searching real estate properties and projects and that too on the palm of your hands. All properties such as flats, apartments, villas, houses, and other projects listed on the app are either available for Buy, Sell or Rent.
  • You name a property type in a specific location and you will get plenty of options to decide from. All the major cities are covered in the range of these apps.
  • Also all the ads featured on the website are the same as those featured in app results. So you should not worry of losing some results.

Why an alternative for Commonfloor app?

There are a number of reasons why people are looking for an alternative to Commonfloor app. Let’s look at some of the few:

  • One of the reasons is that the app is slow. There are a number of bugs and it frequently crashes.
  • The accompanied pictures with specified properties are not clear and can’t be magnified.
  • There are quite a few glitches when the user has to fill in the form for posting an ad.

The Alternative Commonfloor App:

The recommended alternative to commonfloor app is the Magic Bricks Property app. There are quite a few positives in this alternative to Commonfloor app. This app takes the real estate search experience to a new level. Let’s look at some of the features that make it a contender for an alternative to Commonfloor application.

  • All the property listings in the search results have detailed information regarding the property. The app even comments about the locality in which the property is situated.
  • Another intriguing feature is that you can take a virtual tour of the property under question. This is done through viewing videos and detailed pictures of the property.
  • The property is also shown on a map so that you can take a look at the closest surrounding localities near the real estate.
  • You can even look at the price trends of properties in some specific area. This will help you find a property that fits your budget.
  • You can set up a criterion for your desired property and if any property ad, matching that criterion, is posted, you are notified instantly.
  • There are a number of filters that you can apply to your searches.
  • Your ads can reach out to millions.

This alternative to Commonfloor app certainly comes with some benefits that distinguish it from other competitors.

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