How to backup an external drive full of videos in Mac OS X

How to backup an external drive full of videos to another hard drive in Mac OS X? From irreplaceable family clicks, get-together photos, to the numerous video clips taken to capture all the precious and priceless moments – all need to be stored safely and securely. Only a proper backup strategy can avail the benefit of restoring data even if it gets deleted or becomes corrupt. If there is no backup available, you may lose all your videos and other media files in a fraction of a second.

To backup an external drive that stores numerous video clips to another hard disk drive in Mac OS X, you can make use of built-in backup feature – the Time Machine. To utilize this feature, it requires setting up the Time Machine using an external hard drive connected either to a USB, via FireWire or the Thunderbolt port on the machine.

How to backup an external drive full in Mac OS X

How to Backup an External drive in Mac OS X:

When you connect the external hard drive to the Mac machine, the system may send a prompt message, asking whether you wish to use the drive for backing up with Time Machine. Click on ‘Use as Backup Disk.’ If you want to encrypt the drive, the backup will be accessible to users with a valid password.stellar drive clone application

Select Backup Drive using Time Machine :

In case, if the Time Machine doesn’t provide an option to choose the backup disk, you can follow the steps below:

  1. In the Menu bar, click on Time Machine Select Time Machine preferences
  2. Alternatively, select Apple menu, select System Preferences and then click on Time Machine
  3. Click on Select Backup Disk
  4. Select the external hard disk and then select Time Capsule. Next, click on Use Disk
  5. You can selectany storage solution given in the list
  6. Once a backup disk is selected, click on ‘Add or Remove Backup Disk’ (optional) for adding additional backup modes for more security over data and convenience

Backup using Time Machine :

Once the Time Machine is setup, it automatically takes a backup for the last 24 hours on an hourly basis, daily backups for the last month, and weekly backups for the previous month. When the backup drive is full, the older backup automatically gets deleted.

Restore from Time Machine Backup :

If you need to restore specific video files to another hard drive, you can follow the steps below:

  1. From the Time Machine menu, select Enter Time Machine
  2. Alternatively, click on Time in the dock.

If you need to find particular file(s) for restore:

  1. Use timeline on the edge of the screen to locate the files in the Time Machine backup (in the same way, they were at a specific date and time)
  2. Use up and down arrows to navigate to the most recent instance the contents and particulars of the window changed.

Alternatively, you can use the search field to find the file and track the modifications made in the files.

  1. Select a file you need to restore and then press Spacebar to preview the components of the file.
  2. Next, click on Restore to restore selected file or click on the file for accessing other options

If you need to restore everything existing on the Time Machine backup, use OS X Recovery feature.


If the Time Machine is unable to complete the backup operation, it will notify the user via an alert message. If you need to make sure that the backup is good, you need to hold down the Option key and select Verify Backups from Time Machine menu.

Once you select the Backup Disk, the icon for the backup disk may not be similar to the Finder and the Time Machine preferences. This icon can be changed if needed.

Summary:  The Blog explains how to backup an external drive to another Hard Drive Backup Software in Mac OS X using Time Machine. It also defines the essential points that must be carefully considered while executing the procedure.

[Imp:Other than Time Machine, you may also prefer a full Clone Backup an external drive of your Mac hard drive. (Time Machine for Mac)]

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