5 best Call recorder apps for android mobile users in 2019

In the present day call recorder apps have become compulsory for so many. There are many dwelling nowadays. But every call recorder app does not have that amazing features. So here in this article, we picked five amazing call recorder apps to record phone calls.

This will be a great struggle for so many that after talking in an important conversation we suddenly forget the whole conversation. In such a situation we cannot call back. And we struggle a lot to remember the conversation again. So in that conditions for that kind of people these call recorder or voice recorder apps helps us the most.

best Call recorder apps for android mobile users

These Call recorder apps also called as voice recorder apps not only used for call recording but also can be used for many other purposes. To record phone calls is not literally wrong but they should be used for personal things only. Things go on sensitive while using these apps.


Best call recorder apps:

Here in this article you are going to see 10 call recorder apps for recording voice calls in android mobiles

1. Call Recorder – ACR:

This was one of the best-featured call recorders. The ACR abbreviates as “Android Call Recorder”. The ACR have many additional features than any other recorder for android. Even though the pro version of ACR has good features the premium version of it has much more features to be explored.

Its best features are…

  • Grouping records by date
  • Auto deleting of older records
  • Excluded numbers
  • Various recording formats
  • Password protection

2. Galaxy Call Recorder:

The Galaxy Call Recorder is another call recorder application with many features. The appreciable thing in Galaxy Call Recorder is that the auto deletion of old records. This app if records are not started will delete old records if space is getting low on the device.

Best features of Galaxy Call Recorder are…

  • Automatic or manual call recording
  • Grouping records by name or date
  • Calling or sending SMS directly from app
  • Play, pause, Stop recording from notification
  • Recording delay can be specified

3. RMC: Android Call Recorder:

RMC: Android Call Recorder, the other best app for the voice recorder. This recorder, unlike the others, has the ability to record from the microphone. That is you can record every sound around you while in the conversation.

Best features of RMC: Android Call Recorder…

  • Automatic and manual mode
  • Movable manual record button
  • Show/hide recording notification
  • Optional review after call
  • Password protected
  • the app can be hidden

4. Call Recorder Pro:

Call Recorder pro application allows you to record your outgoing telephone calls. The entire call can be recorded and it can be saved on your phone. Unlike some other call recorder apps your records are private and they are not saved on any third party server.

You can use Call Recorder pro to record national or international calls from any Android device. You can also include tablets.

Best features of Call Recorder Pro are…

  • search record by name of phone
  • easy history viewer
  • ignore specific contact
  • vibrate on a new call record
  • sharing of records

5. Easy Voice Recorder:

The Easy Voice Recorder app is another best voice recorder app that works through the microphone. This recorder is mainly used for voice recording but if upgraded to pro, it can be used for voice recording also.

Best features of Easy Voice Recorder are…

  • High-quality PCM and MP4
  • cloud storage supported
  • best stereo options
  • easy to use, fast and flexible
  • full control from the notification itself


On searching, we get many Call Recorder apps for android mobiles but all are not safer. While installing a call recorder it should be thoroughly checked for any third party crawlers. These will affect your conversations and sometimes steal your identity.

The above-listed call recorder apps may not be useful every time. But who knows which call will be necessary for us at what time? By using these apps that are all better for our old times.

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