5 Best Android Apps : Highlights of the week

The WhatsApp won an update with several functions, Facebook launched its new photos app, the Moments, and TechyDen also singled out five really cool applications that stood out this week. This article presenting 5 best Android apps, which are highlights of the week.

best android apps of the week

There’s an app to create shortcuts and leave the Android device navigation even more intuitive, as well as an option for those who like to always be connected in the games of their football team’s heart.

5 Best Android Apps : Highlights of the week

Check below the complete list and download the programs to make your device even better.


WhatsApp for Android has gained a lot of buzz in its latest update, made this week. You can now configure notifications conversation – as well as mark them as read or unread – use new emoji and reduce consumption of data during calls. That is, what was good just got better.

2. MOMENTS (Free)

Moments are the Facebook app for organizing and viewing photos for users who wish to organize pictures from your gallery by “moments”. It works a super simple way, with users creating a true gallery of memories and not “only” photos. Worth checking out.


The Sportv Gols is the official app of the cable channel for those who need to be always informed about your team, but you cannot always watch the games for some reason. With this app, you can follow the matches in real time and also receives alerts goals in the games.

4. PINTASKING (Android)

Pintasking is an application for easy navigation of users on Android. It creates, in a sidebar, a list of shortcuts for smartphone programs or files, allowing users to access their favorite content very fast, intuitive and efficient way.


Squaready is the best app you can find in Google Play Store to perform a “pre-Instagram” in your photos. Corrections, effects, re-sizing … It have it all to offer. It is a complete app, which was a hit on iOS and came to also sign on Android, this September.


The above 5 best Android apps are highlight apps of the week from the Google Play store. Check the apps by installing on your android devices then enjoy the ride.

Source: Google Play Store

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