Best free Photo editing software for windows 10 (Photoshop Alternatives)

The fact we get free image editing software like this from the Internet is one of the great things about being alive in this age. We used to have to pay a lot of money for graphic design software and software to build a website, and now we can get it free, along with screen capture software, 3D modeling and animation software and movie editing software. It is brilliant what we can now do on our computers. Here are some of the most top rated free image editing programs.

free image editing software

Top Rated Free Image Editing Software:

1. Chasys Draw IES:

chasys draw ies

This is a free image editing software that has a lot of features that do allow you to create artistic designs with nothing more than a blank canvas. It is up to you how you use this piece of software; suffice it to say it has a lot of functions you can play with including special effects and some nice lighting adjustments. You may use it to capture videos too. There are also Photoshop plugins you can use too.

2. PhotoFiltre:

photo filter tool

This program has a lot of color correction tools and filters that you can use. It is very easy to use and you can apply lots of different artistic effects including altering contours, transparency, styles, etc. There are lots of editing features you can play with too. This is also one of the free image editing software.

3. Funny Photo Maker: 

funny photo maker

This allows you to add in backgrounds so that you can set up funny pictures and you can turn images into animations. The tools are basic and you cannot draw on your images, but you can add in a lot of effects that are easy to add. There are lots of creative things you can do, but at the same time, you are mostly restricted to the options they give you.

4. PhoXo: 

phoXo tool

This is an editor that is so easy to use that kids can use it. The program has a lot of practical functions and uses and there are cartoons and clip art that you may enter into the image. You can add a watermark and fix problems with your images at a basic level.

5. Gimp:

gimp tool

This may be the most well-known entry into this article. It is the GNU Image Manipulation Program and it is a very powerful and free image editing software you can use to manipulate your images. You may use it to correct colors and do a lot of the more basic functions you expect with photo editing software. You can create animations too and use special effects to turn images into pieces of art. You can fix perspective problems and add things such as a blur to the image, which works well in the background. It does have a lot of features and functions, which means that learning it may take a while, but it is not very difficult if you have had a bit of photo editing experience in the past.

6. PixBuilder Studio:

PixBuilder Studio

This image builder can be upgraded a little if you wish, or you can use its mid-range image editing software on their own. It has all of the basic features along with some fancy filters and print tools. You can also add in cartoon images and clip art.

7. IrfanView:

irfanview tool

This is an image editing and viewing software, but like the gallery view software that comes with the Windows operating system, you are able to change and alter your images. You are able to do a lot of the basic editing functions such as changing the colors, hue, brightness, and you may add in special effects too. It is a basic program that is an alternative to what you have on your Windows desktop computers.

8. PhotoScape:

photoscape tool

It is a piece of software for people who want to lose a little functionality in place of having a tool they can enjoy using. It allows the user to have some fun with making and changing images and has lots of clipart images you can add. You can manipulate special effects and you can add speech bubbles to your work. You can configure a lot of what they see and then customize even further as you add new elements to your work. You can use eleven artistic styles to make and alter your images.

9. Photo Pos Pro:

Photo Pos Pro

There are a lot of options and functions that come with this free image editing software. It is just a shame that the UI is not up to much. Ideally, it needs a makeover so that the many tools and a wide range of functions are accessible through an interface that looks and feels a little more comfortable. A number of features it has and a number of things you can do are what makes this program top rated–it is just a shame about the interface.

How to Backup Thunderbird to Outlook 2016,2013,2010 Mailbox

This article deals with a method to create backup Thunderbird to Outlook 2016,2010,2010 platform to store emails with the help of Gmail account easily and explore some reason why we need to import emails from Thunderbird to Outlook mailbox. Before discussing method, a user needs to know some information about Mozilla Thunderbird.

How to Backup Thunderbird to Outlook

About Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird an emailing client used as a free, cross-platform, open source, chat etc developed in the auspicious of Mozilla Foundation. Thunderbird can be termed as a platform for mailing, newsgroups, chat, news feed.  In short, we can consider Mozilla Thunderbird as a proper platform for accessing all emails.

Thunderbird Profile Storage Location:

The Mozilla Thunderbird profile generally saves two sets of items. One set in the local mail and other copy of mail on the server according to the account configuration In case you install the Mozilla Thunderbird, it makes profile namely default. The profile is used automatically until the users invoke profile manager and then make a new profile.

The profiles are saved in Thunderbird Program Files. Program files are usually static and do not change until you upgrade your Thunderbird mailing client. Every profile is saved to the hard drive in public folder and if a user wants to move data to Outlook account then the user needs to create a backup of Thunderbird to Outlook Platform.

In Thunderbird folder is named using the convention:


The eight digit <random_string> number generated by Mozilla Thunderbird & <profile_name> is assigned to a profile. The storage location of folder varies according to the Operating system installed on it.


%APPDATA% is used instead of C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\ folder,

Finding your Thunderbird Profile to Backup Thunderbird Folders:

  1. Click Menu Bar/Button >> Help Menu>> Troubleshooting Information.
  2. Application Basics Section>> Profile Folder >> Click Open Folder.
  3. In Windows Explorer Section>> Show Profile Name and Path.

Reasons to Archive Thunderbird email to Outlook PST Format

While Comparing features of Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook Application, Thunderbird lack behind due to various advanced features of Outlook and existing user can transfer Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2007,2010,2013, 2016 to store emails as a backup or to move mailbox folder to PST format.

  1. Anti-spam Function: In Outlook, users can avoid the unnecessary emails but, Mozilla Thunderbird fails to avoid the unnecessary/ spam mails
  2. Built-in Calendaring Property: MS Outlook makes notes, maintains to-do lists, calendars. But, Thunderbird fails to do it without a third party extension
  3. Language Support: Microsoft Outlook supports 96 languages, but Mozilla Thunderbird supports 53 only
  4. No compatibility Issue: Outlook is compatible with Exchange Server and MAPI. Moreover, Exchange is important to maintain the mailing items offline.

Method to Backup Thunderbird to Outlook 2016,2013, 2010 Versions

Before creating a backup to save emails from Thunderbird to Outlook 2016,2013,2010 mailbox, a user can create a backup of their backup of their Mozilla profile data. Some of the methods are mentioned below to create a backup of Thunderbird account data.

Method to Import MBOX mail folders to Outlook 2016

As there no such direct way through which Mozilla Thunderbird files can be backed in MS Outlook you need to make use of Gmail Account to Thunderbird Mailing Client. Follow the instruction to migrate & create backup Thunderbird to Outlook PST format.

1) Open Thunderbird >> Go to Account Setting to create Gmail Account.Backup Thunderbird to Outlook (1)

2) Now Provide the Credentials such as Name, Email Address and Password of Gmail Account

Provide credentials

3) IMAP protocol selected already selected. Click on Done option.

IMAP protocol

4) Now Thunderbird prompt user to an Interface, to validate the Gmail account again. Provide Gmail Email Addressgoogle signin

5) Type Password. Click Next.

Enter password

6) Now Click on Allow option So that Mozilla Thunderbird read user Account information and mailbox data.accept the permissions

7) Now create a New Folder within the Gmail account profile configured on the Thunderbird Email Client.

Create a new folder in thunderbird email client

8) Now Move the desired email messages from the MBOX File to the Newly created Folder [MBOX Folder].
9) Now Configure Gmail Account in MS Outlook Account to view using IMAP or POP Protocol to view all the Thunderbird emails in Outlook Mailbox account.

[Note: In Gmail Enable the IMAP Setting to configure the account in Outlook Platform otherwise user connectivity issues problem].

Using above approach, the user can backup Thunderbird emails to Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 but have careful while configuring Gmail Account in MS Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Method to Import Thunderbird to PST:

The method seems easy but it is really difficult to backup Thunderbird to Outlook 2013/2010/2007 but an above-Mentioned method to export MBOX to PST, but it seems full of risk. To import MBOX mail to Outlook 2016 platform, you need to synchronize the account to Gmail and Outlook. Putting your mailing details to any mailing client can easily make it vulnerable for accessing. If you have any network failure while performing the conversion, it can lead to data loss or data corruption. The process cannot be even performed in bulk to minimize the time and consumption of data.

Alternative Solution to Import Thunderbird Emails to Outlook 2016

So, the best approach is using a third party tool. The MBOX to PST Converter is the best-suited approach for performing the task. The tool provides an option to backup Thunderbird email to Outlook 2016/2013/2010 versions. Mentioned below are the key factors of the tool that distinguishes it from others across the globe.
1. Converts the emails from selected MBOX files/folders
2. Display the email files and its attachments easily
3. Saves MBOX files to PST/EML/NSF/MSG formats
4. Detects automatically clients data with/ without MBOX extension applied
5. For batch MBOX files to PST conversion, No need to install Outlook Application

Final Thoughts:

The write-up serves the users with an easy approach to backup Thunderbird to Outlook 2016/2013 & below versions. So, the users should connect to the article completely for understanding the entire backup process. In addition to it, the entire content explains the users with the need of migration process and why it is necessary to prefer an automated approach to convert the files easily and with no issues.

LG V30 Might be Sporting an OLED Display!

Are you looking for the latest up-to-date news on LG V30? Well, this page is exactly where you will get every possible key spec that LG V30 might roll out with. LG is a tech manufacturer which has impressively delivered some of the finest smartphones over the years. And now it’s the turn for the much-anticipated, much-awaited, LG V30, the third flagship phone of LG’s ‘V’ series.

LG V30

LG V30: Check Out Some Key Specs:

LG V30 has long been into the speculative world ever since LG V20 rolled out and turned out to be a massive success for the tech conglomerate, LG. As per the developers, they haven’t yet announced anything officially; instead, Google has been standalone which revealed the upcoming flagship of LG. Check out some of the specs that might get unveiled with the launch of this new flagship phone.

  • LG V30 Might Support Daydream- Developers are set to make some amendments with their new flagship in order to make LG V30 support the Google Daydream software. Any smartphone which is efficient in supporting this software needs a sufficiently powerful phone alongside a high-end phone display as well as a speedy processor.
  • The Latest Android ‘O’ to be unveiled with LG V 30 – LG V20 was the first ever flagship to be running on the brand new Android 7.0 Nougat OS which became one of the reasons for the selling point of the phone. Having to get their hands on the latest Android OS is a much of a bigger thing for fans. If surprisingly this time LG V30 doesn’t run with Android ‘O’, then it would be a thing to think about.
  • Snapdragon 835, the latest Trend- For a Daydream support you need a speedy chipset, and that is exactly where the latest Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 will do the rest, which is designed on a super-efficient 10nm manufacturing process. As a successor, it is 27% faster alongside 40% less power-hungry.
  • Sporting an OLED Display- Traditionally an LCD was a thing to be talked about, but now with recent developments, we have the all new OLED display having self-illuminating pixels that can be turned on or off separately. The South Korean tech conglomerate, Samsung has always used OLED screens for its Galaxy flagship phones. With Korea Herald’s report, we get to be familiar with the fact that LG is switching to OLED display for its next LG V30.

LG V30: Release Date:

We haven’t yet received any official announcements from the tech conglomerate LG about the release date of its next flagship. Instead, Google I/O developer conference has made announcements regarding LG V30 to be landing by the fall of 2017. Initially, the first ‘V’ series flagship was launched in the month of September 2015, while on the other hand, V20 released on September 29 in 2016. As per speculations, V30 was initially speculated to get launched by 2017. But according to Korean news, the release of the new beast is scheduled to release by the end of August.