From Windows XP To Windows 8

Using a device like a personal computer, laptop or smartphone comes naturally to even a 4-year old nowadays. With Windows powering many devices and gadgets, it’s important to know when an update is necessary. However, when talking about Windows XP and Windows 8 — we’re talking about laptops and desktop computers. So the question is: should you upgrade?

From Windows XP To Windows 8

Windows XP:

One of the most popular operating systems created — Windows XP is similar to its predecessors. One of the best things about it is the familiarity, many people know how to use it which can help people to get up and running a lot faster. In some ways, Windows XP is easier than using Windows 8. The basic functions are similar to the operating systems that came before.

However, in April 2014 Windows XP stopped receiving technical support and updates, leaving it prone to virus attacks and more. Even so, there’s a lot of software available that is easy-to-install and use, making it a fairly straightforward option. Whether it’s more user friendly or not is down to personal taste, and Windows XP is able to run on almost any machine, new or old.

Windows 8:

Windows 8

One feature this operating system brags is a quick start-up. As a matter fact, Windows 8 starts up about twice a fast as Windows XP, and reports say that Microsoft has set a new benchmark in the market, starting up quicker than many other operating systems. It also makes explicit use of their cloud storage solution, SkyDrive. However, it’s more than that; Windows 8 enables users to retrieve their files from their SkyDrive account from just about anywhere with an internet connection. It’s almost like an invisible hard disk, conveniently available at any place and living in the clouds…

When compared to Windows XP, Windows 8 requires more effort when it comes to operation. Many users are baffled by the alien start screen where all your applications appear. Many customers were said to be scared of using Windows 8, but anyone can get used to this system with a little practice.

Due to the brand new “tiles” phenomenon available in Windows 8, top-notch touch input is made possible. But don’t fret, using a keyboard and mouse is still perfectly possible — they haven’t been neglected! Another great feature of Windows 8 is its large collection of applications that can be found in the Appstore. And above all — it has better security than its old predecessor.

The Verdict:

If you’re using a computer once in a blue moon to do basic tasks, XP is probably fine for you. However, if you need some of the newer features (like SkyDrive) and increased security, consider upgrading to Windows 8. You may need to learn a few new ropes, but the learning curve will soon flatten and you’ll be flying around, wondering why you didn’t upgrade sooner.

The modern technology demands and interconnectedness make Windows 8 the best solution — it has more oomph, countless applications and the awesome option for touch input!

Damian Coates is the Commercial Accounts Director for leading London IT support company- Utilize. Damian always makes himself available to offer clients, friends and family advice on upgrading windows operating systems.

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