What Happens When the Virus file in Quarantine?

When an antivirus scans your computer for malware, it can happen to find a suspect file, What happens when the virus puts a file in quarantine? but no confirmation that it is indeed a virus. Thus, this file is placed in quarantine, usually managed by an encrypted virus, as a kind of cage protection. So that the virus can not spread by the operating system.

What happens when the Virus puts a file in Quarantine?

Then, the suspect file is under monitoring software antivirus in order to ascertain whether or not the threat is real and it cannot be used by the user, even if it is a component of another software, for security measures.

What happens when the Virus puts a file in Quarantine?It is also possible that, although the presence of a detected malware, antivirus not count on tools to combat it. Thus, the quarantine is also an alternative in these cases and there is the file until the antivirus is updated with new weapons.  Having an antivirus installed on your computer is essential.

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After all, every day that passes more and more threats are released on the network and compromise your security. After completion of the Antivirus scanning, if virus detected, it will quarantine by the antivirus. You can delete this file from quarantine. After this just fragment your hard disk.  If you do not have an antivirus installed, Technology News flow suggests some free options like ESET, AVAST , 360 Internet Security (From Bitdefender) and AVG.

Next Step after move in Quarantine:

The quarantine has files that have not been disinfected and those suspected files pose a threat to your PC. The quarantine offers a set of actions that can be performed with the files stored there. Specifically, you will:

Send files to Antivirus company experts :

Automatic sending of suspicious file in quarantine:

To get the most out of quarantine is advisable to allow antivirus company support automatically sends to experts the files stored on it.Thus, they can provide an update as soon as possible.

For these shipments can be made to give your consent is required. It is possible you have done if you enabled the option that permits such shipments during program installation. If you have not done during installation, you can do so now by following these steps:

  • In the main window of the program please click Preferences .
  • On the tab General , set the option Automatically send the items to go into quarantine .

Manual Submission of suspicious file in quarantine

Even if you have turned the automatic submission of suspicious files, you can also send suspicious files to our experts whenever you want. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Click the option Quarantine in the main program window.
  • Select the file (or files) you want to send quarantined clickSend to…”. Note : You can select more than one file at a time by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard while clicking on the files.
  • A wizard that lets you send appears. Follow the instructions on screen.

You can also send files to our experts from the menu icon on the taskbar (near the clock):

  1. Click your right mouse button (usually the right) on the icon of Antivirus or Internet Security software that appears near the system clock.
  2. Click on the option View quarantined files (this option is only available when there are files in quarantine).
  3. Select the file (or files) you want to send and click Send .
  4. Follow the instructions on screen.

Delete quarantined file in Quarantine :

You can delete the virus file in quarantine folder anytime. To do this, select the files you want and click Delete . You can also click the right mouse button on the file and select the option Delete . The quarantine space reserved may become full.When this happens, it is important to eliminate quarantine unnecessary items.

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