Top Camera Apps to Enhance the Photos on your Android

One of the greatest joys the smartphones have brought us is the addition of cameras. We no longer have to carry around heavy cameras with us and no matter where we are, we can just whip out our phones and capture that beautiful sunset or that perfect rainbow stretched across the sky. I am using some Camera Apps for My Laptop.

If you’re someone who likes to capture fleeting moments and share them with friends and family, download these top camera apps to enhance your photography experience and make every photo come alive on your phone.

Top 5 Camera Apps for your Android:

Camera MX :

Camera MX camera apps

If you’re looking for an app to shoot videos and edit photos then this Camera MX app is your solution to everything. It’s always a hassle to shoot moving objects and people such as babies or capturing the last finishing seconds of a race but thanks to its “Shoot the Past” mode helps you capture tricky moments. You can select from various filters and photo editing modes to fix the light, contrast, brightness and other features of a photograph to get the perfect finish. You can also play around and edit videos to bring out your inner filmmaker and dazzle the world with your creativity. This is one of the good app among the all camera apps. This is Camera App for Windows 10 also.

Camera 360 Ultimate:

Camera 360 Ultimate Camera app

Camera 360 Ultimate app is famous in over 75 countries and has had 400 million downloads till date. You can choose various camera modes such as the selfie camera, poster camera, audio camera and many more to take a perfect photo for every moment. Choose from over 200 filters to add the perfect detail and give every photo a unique lift that will mesmerize everyone. The app also comes with intelligent facial recognition and face thinning feature. Instantly share your photos on social medial platforms like Instagram through the app itself. It’s truly a great app to get your inner photographer going. Camera360 Ultimate for Windows Phone is also available.

Cymera :

Cymera Camera Apps

Cymera is another immensely popular camera app which allows you to apply a filter while taking the photo so you don’t need a retouch later. Easily make collages and stickers with photos as well as play around with various lens features such as fish eye, divided lens and many more fun features to make every photo a fun one. The app also has additional features such as anti shake and timer to produce better quality photos every time. It’s surely a fun app you won’t be able to get enough of.

GIF Camera:

GIF Camera App

GIFs have quickly caught on immense popularity and are widely used to explain scenarios which cannot be explained in words. Through this GIF camera app you can easily capture moments with your friends and family and convert them into amusing GIFs for further fun. Create funny GIFs of everyday amusing situations and have a laugh riot with your friends. Easily share your creativity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms and let the world laugh with you!

Google Camera:

Google camera app

This is a great responsive camera from Google that helps you really enjoy capturing every moment. The camera has an intuitive software enhancing your experience. It comes with features like Lens Blur helping you control the depth of field by blurring the background and focusing on the subject making it great for selfies. Shoot your surroundings through 360 degrees shoot as well as panorama to get a good shot of everything. Improve low light images through HDR camera. It’s really a great app for photo lovers.


Download these amazing camera apps for the camera feature in your smartphone and turn into an amazing experience of capturing photos you won’t get enough of. Camera 360 ultimate is one of the best camera app for android users.

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