Tips To Choose the Right Smartphone for Frequent Travelers

In this digital era, every individual wants to keep updated with everything they use in routine life. Smartphones are gaining popularity these days. With so many advanced features, this small handy gadget has become a Personal Digital Assistant (P.D.A) for everyone. Of course, with thousands of choices available, you need to consider a lot of things, when it comes to buy a smartphone for you.

Tips To Choose the Right Smartphone for Frequent Travellers

Basically, smartphones offer you almost all the features that you need on daily basis. However, if you are a frequent commuter, then you need to take care of few things to grab the perfect smartphone that can facilitate your each tour. Here are the important things travelers should check while shopping around for a smartphone on leading online phone cart.

Smartphone should be Unlocked to Use any SIM:

This is the most important things to keep in mind because if your smartphone is not unlocked, you are restricted to use only the specific carrier. When you’ll be roaming across different regions or flying abroad, these kinds of phones will surely incur high calling bills.

Unlocked phones don’t make any annoyance for domestic usage, but it could be a huge setback, especially when you’ll be flying over different corners of the world. An unlocked phone allows you to insert any SIM Card of any operator across the globe, which can help you save a lot of cash on your roaming bills. Thus, choose a smartphone that’s easier to unlock like Apple, Samsung, Sony, but don’t pick up Blackberry, as it’s highly complicated to unlock.

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Your Need:

It is recommended that while purchasing a smartphone, you need to consider your needs first. It is purely based on how you’re going to use your device. Some basic features include facilities like calling, messaging, multimedia and navigation etc. However, for travelers some dedicated apps like Netflix are essential to keep the boredom out of the reach. So, it is better to prefer the smartphone that best suits your needs, rather than having highly feature-packed phone that can’t meet your basic traveling needs.

GSM compatibility:

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) is widely popular among the mobile users than that of CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access). Although CDMA provides better coverage than GSM, it’s a bit costlier. The mechanism involved in transferring the data packets leads to rise in a cost as well.

Wireless networks:

Including the carrier-offered data services, there are some other built-in networks on your mobile that can help you access internet wireless. It is possible to connect to internet through Wi-Fi or even Bluetooth as far as you’ve essential applications installed on your mobile.

Here are some best tips that you should keep in mind to reduce phone bills while traveling:

  • Use SMS (Short Message Service) instead of calling whenever feasible
  • Turn off the wireless apps like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data services to reduce battery life and data costs
  • Use special offers on roaming
  • Purchase a temporary SIM for the tour
  • Use online services like Google voice or Skype instead of making calls

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