Repair dbx file: Recover Corrupted DBX file to Repair Outlook Express Emails

Recover Corrupted DBX file to Repair Outlook Express Emails

Outlook Express is an Email management software developed by Microsoft. A file extension called by DBX used by Express Mail client to store emails and other details. In Outlook Express DBX Folders are created which store different mailbox folder to store emails. For each mailbox, Outlook express creates different DBX file. For ex, for Inbox mailbox file, an inbox.dbx file is created, Similarly, for Sent Mailbox, a sent.dbx file is created by Outlook Express.

Repair dbx file: Recover Corrupted DBX file to Repair Outlook Express Emails

Corruption issues in DBX File and solution to Fix DBX File Error:

A DBX file responsible for managing the account emails of the Outlook express. But sometimes user faces trouble during opening the emails files of Outlook express. These issues related to corruption of DBX file or damaged DBX file. Since Outlook express suffers from some file related error that can lead to corruption in DBX file. So the user has to repair DBX file to solve this kind of issues. Whenever file size of DBX file rises and reached to 2 GB or more, lead to corruption in database files. AS it supports HTML emails and scripts file, easily get infected by the virus or malware items. As result, performance issues arise when files reached to their file size limit, Emails, not sent or received by the user, Even small problem can unable to the user view their Emails and other files. To fix DBX file problem related to Outlook, first of all, we have to understand types of error generated due to DBX file.

Types of Error

Some error is list below arises due to corrupt DBX file listed below are:

  • File size issues error
  • Infected file due to error
  • Msoe.dll or MSIMN Error
  • 0x800c013b Outlook Express (Sending message Error):
  • 0x800c013c Outlook Express (Receiving message Error)
  • Permission Denied Path/ File Error
  • Low Disk space or low Memory
  • Permission Denied Problem

Note: To solve these kinds of error, user can go for manual methods to fix DBX File Error

Manual method to Repair DBX File in Outlook Express File

The user can go for the manual method to resolve issued related to corruption in DBX file. Using manual steps a user can try to reduce the possibility of corruption in DBX file, even repair DBX file themselves. As many issues raised due to the size of DBX file of Outlook express.

Some method is mention below to Fix DBX File are:

  1. Compacting File Size
  2. Moving Message Folder
  3. Fix error 0x800c013b
  4. Fix error 0x800c013c
Method 1:

Compacting File Size:

By compacting the folder size, the user can use this as preventive measures to reduce the size of DBX file, and never deal with problem-related file size error. Follow the manual steps to compact DBX file to reduce the size of the file.

1. Open Outlook Express >> Open File Menu >> Select Work Offline. 

 Note: Work offline mode is used to stop any transmission of messages.

2. Now click on File menu >> Select Folder >> then Select Compact All Folder Option.

3. Compacting of Mailbox take time according to the size of Mailbox.

4. When the process of Compacting mailbox folder completed, the size of your Mailbox reduced. Now you can easily view your healthy mailbox files easily.

compact all files

Method 2:

Moving Message Folder

In this method, we Create archive backup of the file and store them in a different location to save space of mailbox file. Please follow the steps to transfer mailbox folder from one mailbox to another location are:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook Express >> Click on Local folder >> Create New Folder

                              Note: Give a name to New Folder, ex (Backup).

2. Now to move corrupted folder to Backup folder, Select complete mail folder using Command CTRL + A.

3. Click Right after selecting complete Mailbox or selecting specific emails >> Click Right >> Select to Move to Folder.

4. Select the Backup folder and click OK option to transfer mailbox files.

5. Now Delete the Corrupted Folder and Rename the Backup folder to the corrupted Folder Name.

Method 3:

Solution to fix error 0x800c013b in Outlook Express

Error message 0x800c013b raised when Sent Items.dbx file is damaged or files size is over 2GB. The message appears below as when user not able to send messages properly.

Error messages appear when 0x800c013b raised: Error message: Protocol: SMTP, Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C013B. 

Follow steps to fix DBX file error and send message properly in Outlook express:

To resolve this issue, rename the Sent Items.dbx file from the Outlook Express e-mail files:

  1. Click Start >> Find, and then click Files or Folders.
  2. In the Named box, type Sent Items.dbx.
  3. Now open Inbox, click your hard disk drive (C Drive) and then click Find Now.
  4. Right-click the Sent Items.dbx file, and then click Rename option.
  5. Type Sent Items.old and click OK.
  6. Restart Outlook Express. This action automatically creates a new Sent Items.dbx
Method 4:

Solution to fix error 0x800c013c in Outlook Express

An error raised when Inbox.dbx file is damaged. Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800C013C. 

Follow steps to fix DBX file error and received message properly in Outlook express

1) Open Outlook Express.

2) Click Right on Inbox folder >> Select Properties.

3) Now you can view the location of the inbox.dbx files. Now Close Outlook Express.

4) Browse the location of Inbox.dbx file in the system.

5) Click Right on Inbox.dbx file, and then click Rename the folder.

6) Rename the file to Inbox.old, and then click OK.

7) Then Start Outlook Express. This automatically creates a new Inbox.dbx file.

By using above method, a user can solve the issues related to repair DBX file. Even user can compact method to reduce the size of DBX file so that those problem related to the size of DBX file not raised.

Tips to avoid corruption issues in DBX file:

 1. Always try to take manually compact the Folder of DBX file, since Automatic compaction in the background can easily increase the size of DBX file.

2. Remove anti-virus scanner or uninstall it, Sometimes anti-virus cause problem during sending process of messages in Outlook Express.

3. Try not to archive Sent Mailbox files.

Alternative Solution:

If user not able to solve their problem with the help of mentioned manual methods, a user can go for third party tool to recover email from DBX file. This tool can easily repair DBX file of Outlook Express application & even it restore permanently deleted email files from DBX files. A user can store recovered emails into different file formats such as PST, MSG, EML, & DBX support by different email clients.


In this article, we discussed problem-related to corruption in DBX file. Since DBX File easily damaged due to file size and other software and hardware issues. To repair DBX file, a user can follow a manual method or take preventive messages to fix DBX file, if emails of DBX file not recovered due to above methods, a user can go for other third party tools, which easily repair dbx file of Outlook Express.

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