How to know if any your password leaked on the internet?

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Every year we hear of password leaked on the internet. This year, the victims were Yahoo and LinkedIn. Million passwords were illegally collected and made available on the Internet by hackers, and the trend is that it continues to be repeated occasionally. With this, the careless user ends up being (well) impaired, depending on the content of their accounts, since retrieving it can cost several strands of white hair. If you use the same password for other services then the party is armed the catastrophe foretold. Check this my recent post 5 Best Password Management Applications.  One of the shocking news is recently 4.6 million accounts Phone numbers and usernames exposed by Snapchat Data base.

How to know if any your password leaked on the internet

But how to know if your information is available to the bad guys? In theory, the victimized company must send an e-mail to its users advising the incident and requesting the password change immediately. However, there are several websites that offer a tool for searching the database if your email (and your data) are in the public domain.  

How to know if any your password leaked on the internet?

Sucuri Malware Labs:

Site developed by online security firm Securi Labs for netizens check if your GMail accounts, MSN, Yahoo or AOL had data leaked on the web. The novelty has been inspired by the fact that 400 million users of Yahoo Voice service have disclosed their passwords on the network this year. The Securi Malware Labs helps to check your password leaked on the internet or not.

How to know if any your password leaked on the internet

Just put your email and click “Check Mail”. Within seconds the site will display if your account is in danger or not.

Should I Change My Password:

Another site that you simply put your email and he conducts a search to see if your email was leaked to the internet. The data of day October 25, 2012 report that more than 14 million committed emails have already been discovered.

How to know if any your password leaked on the internet


Finally, PwnedList . It is the same tool used by the LastPass on your Sentry program. Enter your e-mail that the site will carry out research to find out if your email is in danger. If he has been found, the system will show how many lists it is present. The site reports, with data from October 25, 2012, which have been collected over 25 million of email accounts with their passwords.

How to know if any your password leaked on the internet?My email has been compromised! And now?

First, stay calm. Although your email be on the list does not necessarily mean that he was hacked. However, shows that their care should be intensified. Change the password of your email ASAP, and if you use the same password or similar in another service, switch too. Try to change the habit of using the same password for multiple services or similar passwords, as this facilitates the action of criminals. Create passwords that referring to your personal life is also not a good idea.

And then? You are safe or have found that just pass on your email and change some settings? This article on How to know if any your password leaked on the internet is very useful for all netigens.

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