How To Install Windows 8 On VMware Virtual Machine?

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of something, such as an operating system, storage devices, and computer networks. This article explains on How to Install Windows 8 On VMware.

The virtual software is really important to extend the second operating system without booting. You can run the second operating system in one window in the same OS.

VMWare Player and Workstation the software to install a guest operating system that runs on x64 versions of Windows and Linux operating system.

This software enables to execute the operating system in the computer including Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, and MS-DOS.

VMWare workstation is developed by VMware, inc. this is the part of Dell technologies. It is a completely free version for non-commercial use.

VMware Player supports network adopters sharing and physical disk drives and USB drives.

Prerequisites to install Windows 8 on VMware Player / Workstation:

Installation Procedure of Windows 8 on VMware Player

1. First of all, download and install VMware Player on your PC from the given sources. (supports XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 as host machines).

2. Once installed, start VMware Player and click Create a New Virtual Machine option to launch New VirtualMachine Wizard.

vmware player

3. Here, you have two options: install from a DVD or install from an ISO image file. Equally, we deliver an ISO image of Windows 8, let’s select the second option Installer disc image file (ISO) option.

new virtual machine wizard

Select the Installer disc image file option and use the browse button to browse to the Windows 8 ISO image file. You might get “Could not detect which operating system is in this disc image” message.  Brush off the message and simply click the Next button to go on.

4. In this step, select the operating system as Microsoft Windows and version as Windows 7. If you have an x64 version of Windows 8, please select Windows 7 x64 from the version dropdown menu.


select guest operating systemThe current edition of VMware Player doesn’t officially support Windows 8. So, we are selecting Windows 7 as OS version.

Click the Next button to proceed to the next step.

5. VMware allows you to enter Windows product key, user name, and password so that you need not inscribe this info while installing Windows 8. Enter the product key and other inside information if you want to.

windows key

You can also skip this step without entering any details. Click the Next button to continue.


6. Name your Windows 8 virtual machine and also select that location to save the virtual machine. Please pick out a location with enough free space (20 GB recommended).

name the Virtual machine

7. Specify the disk space that you wan to allocate to the new virtual machine (20 GB recommended) and select Store virtual disk as a single file option. Click the Next button to proceed to the last step.

specify disk capacity

Finally click Finish button to create the new virtual machine. It will automatically start the Windows 8 installation.ready to create virtual machine

It might require you to download and install VMware Tools during installation. Merely click the Download and Install button, or Remind Me Later button to install it after installing Windows update

9. Follow the on-screen procedure to complete the Windows 8 installation.

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Installation completed & Enjoy

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