Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

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Check out some tips, Google Chrome Extensions and tools to improve your navigation browser and Google Chrome. The internet browser Google Chrome, it is the most used in the world for nothing. Even Chrome being very good, he can still get better with the help of some extensions that sometimes life much easier and user.

Google chrome extensions

Google Chrome Extensions to enhance your Browsing:

1. Desprotetor de Links:

This extension, Desprotetor de links, allows you can bypass shields and links to other websites of its kind with just a single click.

Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

It is very easy to use this chrome extensions. When you access a site that protect this link, simply click the icon Desprotetor de Links, which is next to the Tools menu of Chrome, and the link will be decrypted and you will be taken to the page.

2. HTTPS Everywhere:

HTTPS Everywhere is a security extension. The extension encrypts your connection to the internet to thousands of websites as you browse the web. It is essential for safely navigate sites from areas that are not safe, as the internet hotels, airports and hotspots to see available there.

Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

 It is a good extension to use even at home, because it prevents the theft of your identity and protects your privacy.


3. Speed ​​Dial 2:

Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

This is the best option for those who want to change the look of Chrome. The Speed ​​Dial 2 completely changes the look of the page tabs in Chrome. You can customize everything the way you like without any complication. You can also sync your account with this extension in very little time.


4. Scores 365:

Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

The 365 Scores is an app where you can closely follow the news of your favorite team and also the selection. The application and easy to set up. When you click the icon Scores 365, which is next to the menu Tools Chrome, you’ll see all the news from the club, league and teams registered.


5. Pencil Sketch:

Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

Pencil Sketch, is a theme for Chrome. It is very simple, which only changes the bottom of the top bar. It puts an image, it can be said, scrawled in place of the classic blue comes standard browser.

If you do not like this theme, you can see and download other topics by clicking here .


6. Facebook Notifications:

Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

This is another simple and useful google chrome extensions. She adds, next to the menu Tools Chrome a Facebook icon which is displayed the number of notifications you have in the social network.


7. Angry Birds

Google Chrome Extensions : Most Popular and Helpful

After much time on the computer, we were all tired, agree? So to relax a little is good to play a game. A very good game to unwind with certainty is Angry Birds. In the popular Rovio game you have to basically rescue the eggs stolen by the pigs, which are protected behind barriers.

 Now you can play whenever you want right in your browser, even when not connected to the internet!


Google Chrome has a shop with a plethora of options for extensions, apps, themes and even other games. Between there and search for more, I’m sure you’ll find other extensions that will facilitate and greatly improve your web browsing.

Visit the Chrome Web Store by clicking here

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