Download Windows Update 8.1: How do you Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Windows Update 8.1 is a new update for Windows 8.1, also known as KB 2919355 was released on March 8, 2014. This is a group of patches or update files intended primarily for those who use Windows in the traditional way, with a mouse and keyboard.

Adds features that should have been included in the initial operating system. There are not many and this update may even go unnoticed for the install automatically. In panel basic computer information there is no difference, nor mentions an Update.

According to Microsoft includes improvements to the system and makes it more compatible with different devices, security updates and performance and also is required to receive future security updates and new features.

How to Install Windows Update 8.1?

The update files are downloaded automatically on computers running versions of  Windows 8.1. If you are enabled for updates in Windows Update, which can be checked by opening the application in the control panel.

Of course, you need to have an internet connection high speed because the files are about 800 MB. If not it is necessary to use an alternate method. Those who still use Windows 8 will have to upgrade to version 8.1 and the Update will be included.

Download and manually install Windows Update 8.1:

  • Open Windows Update
  • Select “Check for updates” and then “View Details
  • In the list of available updates search for KB 2919355
  • Select “Install“.
  • If this update does not appear in the list looking for the KB 2919442 and install.
  • Restart your computer, and then search for the KB 2919355.

New features added to Windows update 8.1 System

Few new features included in windows update 8.1 and the ordered by their importance according to our view.

  1. Buttons to close and minimize apps: The apps (applications included in the Metro mode and downloaded from the store) is now included in the top right corner to close them cross classic and next to the minus sign to minimize it. It is the most important functions that should have been included long ago.
  2. Check the taskbar: Now in Metro mode from any app, you can see the taskbar, moving the mouse to the bottom of the screen.
  3. Apps icon in the taskbar: All open apps, shows its icon in the taskbar to return to the Desktop mode. Pin It also now be. This feature is very useful for those who use Windows in the desktop mode because we can and see if there is an open application. So far it was necessary to know to move the mouse to the upper right corner.
  4. shutdown options with search the Home screen: It is added in the upper right corner of the Home screen and shutdown options button to search.
  5. Application Help and advice: The app “Help and Advice” is now available with basic information for beginners.
  6. More choices in the window “PC Settings”, previously only available in the Control Panel.
  7. More options in the context menu to make a right mouse click on an app.
  8. Store app icon added to the Home screen and the taskbar.
  9. Messages and notifications in the lower-left corner of the Home screen (where the arrow is expanding) recalling the recently installed apps.
  10. The OneDrive app included, formerly SkyDrive storage service Microsoft file, fully integrated with Windows. (Recently Skydrive name changed as OneDrive).
  11. Improvements to the browser Internet Explorer 11 which includes support WebGL and SPDY.50

Also updated some apps and other small details that will gradually discover using Windows.

How to Download Windows Update 8.1 to install in an offline computer?

Those who cannot install the new update through Windows Update, because they lack a connection to the required speed or need to install it on a computer without an internet connection, you can use alternate methods to download the update files.

  • They are 6 packages to be.

Download Windows update 8.1 and install necessary in a strict order are the following ordered by the order to be installed:

  • KB2919442,
  • KB2919355,
  • KB2932046,
  • KB2937592,
  • KB2938439   and
  • KB2934018

Download Windows update 8.1 from the Microsoft Download Center

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