Advantages of the Cloud for Performance Testing Across the Globe

Every business all around the world depend on various applications to carry out their daily transactions. In order to deal with the fluctuating demands of the workplace, every application needs constantly to be prepared to deal with all sorts of extremities. Times like seasonal and promotional trading may have high demands as opposed to usual days when the demands are normal; so the apps must be capable of handling both.

Incapable of doing so will lead to disconnected service, dissatisfied customers and above all loss in trading. To have successful regular business transactions, application and service availability needs to be ensured, so that you can retain your customers and take optimum benefit of the industry you deal in.

Cloud for Performance Testing:

Advantages of the Cloud for Performance Testing Across the Globe

Although this preparedness can come at an initial high cost, employing performance testing is the best way to maintain and monitor applications and server infrastructures that can imitate the load, contribute in development of scripts for simulations, and understand user expertise and so on.

However, with the latest development of cloud-based performance testing, the initial and ongoing costs can be reduced considerably, without compromising on any of the precision of the previous testing techniques. This advanced technique allows you to set up performance test scripts on load generators that are pre-configured systems, arranged on the cloud. Due to this, cost and effort of in-house test infrastructure are both saved.

Performance Testing:

Moreover, cloud-based services help in diagnosing performance issues and identifying the nature and position of possible problems.Together with an on-site performance monitor, this can generate end-to-end transparent reports. Some other advantages of cloud-based testing are worldwide access, guaranteed performance, coverage of all sorts of enterprise applications and cost control. Firstly, coming to worldwide access;performance testing of a particular application across different geographies can be a time-consuming and extremely efficiency demanding affair. This becomes easy with cloud, as data centers provisioned in the cloud are capable of executing this without any faults. In simple words,the cloud replicates virtual users across the globe, making performance testing effortless internationally.

As, infrastructure of the cloud is capable of producing high demands necessary for performance testing of enterprises. This is because the data centers of cloud can compute power for virtual users ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 and if required beyond. Moreover, testing of peak load via the cloud allows you to run virtual tests on demand. All you have to do is schedule the test time, and the resources will take care of the rest. This flexibility helps you to avert long delays that are often experienced while testing from different locations.

As we understand, all large scale enterprise applications today are not completely browser based. For which, you may have to test numerous aspects of a system for complete analysis. This is made possible with cloud-based testing that allows integration of on and off-premise setting and infrastructures. So, it is better to predetermine whether you will need a mixed model for your company, which is capable of combining IPs (Internet protocols) that support Java, .Net, Oracle, Siebel, SAP, and COM with other protocols of enterprise applications. The advanced cloud-based testing is ideal when it comes to Web 2.0 apps testing, as Flex, AJAZ and Silverlight are standards that can benefit from the cloud’s strong computing power.


Finally, cloud ensures your testing becomes cost-effective. Due to the elasticity of the cloud, your computing resources can be scaled up and down, depending on your requirement. So, it’s a pay as you use model that works here, which is quite different from how things work in cases of only in-house scenarios. In such situations, a company has to pay and secure computing power for the entire lifetime of the app to support huge user tests. So, cloud is a reasonable alternative you can go to for testing purposes.

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