Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6

Apple and Samsung are the two tech giants in the smartphone industry. These two rivals have made it easier for the consumer sector to choose the best devices under the best prices. Although, Apple devices are having high Price, they tend to provide more customer support. Samsung has packed Android for their devices and we’re seeing the war between Android and iOS.

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Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6

Now, let’s see the comparison of two future rivals Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Display Comparison comparison of  Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6:

Apple has been reportedly using small screen displays compared to Samsung Galaxy series. But, the rumors are going around that Apple might actually feature a larger screen on their future iPhone 6.

  • Probably, it’s going to be 4.8-5 inches. On the other hand, Galaxy S6 might feature 5.2-5.5 inch screen. That’s a sharp difference on their display screen. This might be the first time that Apple will feature 1080 px resolution on their full HD display but Samsung will provide larger resolution as expected.
  • With the increasing of screen size, manufacturers will have to pay the price of resolution, brightness, reflective and power consumption. iPhones have always amazed us with their small screen display but with surprisingly reflective touches. On the contrary, Samsung will also improve to compete with iPhone.

Plus, Samsung has been reportedly said to provide curved OLED display screen. We have not received any news on iPhones yet.

Specs Round Apple iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S6:

Apple iphone 6 has already featured their best bet of 64-bit processor on iPhone 5S. So, they’re one step ahead of the upcoming Galaxy S5. But, in the comparison of Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6, we might expect a little bit more rivalry and show off of processing power and speed.

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Apple is planning for a 20nm TSMC processor with 50% higher potential that it’s current devices. Samsung has already said it’s going to provide 64bit processor on Galaxy S5. So, Galaxy S6 might feature Exynos or Intel processor. We leave the internal memory section to hands of the users since Apple will feature non-expandable memory unit for their devices and Samsung will provide that extra extension.

Apple has already included Fingerprint sensor in their iPhone 5S, so, it’s clearer that they are planning on more subtle features to add with their future iPhone 6. On the other hand, Samsung is said to provide Smart Eye and Fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S6.

The war will shed most blood in the camera zone. Apple has always been favorite of low-light captures. Although, HTC One planned to provide the best camera, it struggled in low-light situations. We’re expecting a 20MP camera from Samsung Galaxy S6 and 13MP rear camera from Apple iPhone 6. Both of the cameras are going to be amazingly great.

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