What is Airplane mode in android and what does it do

Flying to destiny has become a passion.  The flight is now wondered no more.   It has become common and reasonable.

Flying with mobile has become a dream now but mobiles are prohibited in flights why?  U will be requested to turn your mobile to Airplane mode.

Many of us do not know what it is about. So let us read about this.

What is airplane mode in smartphones

Why won’t my Airplane Mode turn off?

Airplane mode, flight mode, offline mode, or standalone mode is a setting available in most of the smartphones.

According to FCC (Federal communications commission) regulations, the usage of mobile phones abroad aircraft in flight are prohibited.

The reason behind it is when a person operates his mobile, every moment the phone searches for the signal to get connected to the nearest network tower.

In case the tower is in a distance it boosts the signal.  When the signals are being regulated this disturbs the navigation and the destiny of the pilot.

To avoid such things mobiles are restricted in flights.

As soon as we on airplane mode the cellular signals get blocked.  The phone does not communicate with nearby cell tower any phone calls, SMS, 2G 3G, and 4G mobile data everything gets blocked.

No wifi – no Bluetooth.  The GPRS sensor also stops working. 

Every communication stops.  One will have a mobile in hand which is of no use.  Our tech world is now in search of new ways to get rid of this airplane mode.

Now we can enable wifi and Bluetooth on flights.  As soon as the airplane mode is switched wifi is disabled automatically.

Airplane mode and wifi enability

We need to move to settings>wireless and networks and can enable wifi the same can be followed to enable blue tooth as well.

The US FCC is working to promote cell signals in flights.

There is a proposal to implement cell signals in mobiles over 10000 feet above the ground. 

you can enable wifi in the mode

If at all this happens our mobiles will connect to picocell (a small substation) instead of the cell tower. 

Through these picocells, we will get connected to the communication satellites.

Airplane mode is very helpful not only in flight. On the ground, it is an excellent way to save Batter power on your devices also.

You can setup Airplane Mode Turns on automatically in a few smartphones and windows 8 and 10 systems.

Wrap up

Mobiles in flight is a dream no more, it would come true within no time. Hoping for the days wherein we would permanently disable airplane mode. 

On its counterpart airplane mode would help us to connect to people, and be away from radiation at least once in a while. 

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